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Discussion in 'Mezco and Bandai Toys' started by Thunderbee, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. Booyah!

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    So that means we're still waiting to see what the news is. Hopefully the line is getting revamped from ground up.

    I work at Target in the backroom and all of our Thundercats stuff came up as "discontinued" in my PDA yesterday. We still have Thundercats product in the back that there is no room for on the pegs. When some of it sells we can put the rest out. When you guys walk in a store and find replenished pegs, it doesn't always mean that new stuff came in, sometimes they've just worked out stuff from the back. We still have figures from Ironman 2 that we got in 2010 and Captain America from 2011 still sitting in the back, for example.
  2. hammy0924

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    Are they wave 1 figures?
  3. Booyah!

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    All 4" figures have the same dpci number regardless of wave, because it's considered assortment (different stuff in the same box). That dpci number would be the same if it was wave 1, 2, 3, ect. The deluxe line has a different dpci number (because it's a different product and price, ect) and it would also be the same for any wave of the deluxe line.

    I checked the numbers for the 4", 6", Deluxe, Thundertank and our exclusive 4 pack set.

    Hopefully the line is getting revamped, in which case new numbers would be assigned, thus the reasoning for ending the old ones.

    I'm still trying to stay positive.
  4. AlexofThundera

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    Bandai still holds the master license because they are more then likely contractually obligated to produce toys for the international community in order to coincide with the series being released over there. No where in their recent statement did they state that additional Wave 2 stuff was coming out nor that there would be any new (Wave 3) stuff.

    I thought they had revamped the site with new info but according to Balgus it's been there before so I am not sure where the "good news" is to be found (for us US fans at least). Only thing I can hope for is that while producing the toys for the international community, they do another shipment of Wave 2 in the US cause we barely got anything.
  5. hammy0924

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    According to Zero Zhane, we should be getting an announcement sometime soon from Bandai that is good news.
  6. ZeroZhane

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    Yup and this is a friend who has never let me down with info before. I'm really hopefull its a press release that they will have new stuff at Comic Con (thats kinda what the feel I got) but all the down time with the website makes me kinda hope we might see a change in the layout of the site with maybe some "coming soon" to it.

    And like i said, this is a personal friend not just a "leak" at Bandai. He to is a collector of old 80's/90's stuff and I farm up stuff at Flea Markets around here for him and others to trade. With his work at Bandai he's not allowed to flat out tell me stuff, and he can't sign up for forums and such like this and post because of the same work. (Its gotten other people in trouble and he doesn't wanna loose his job) Also one of the reasons it took me so long to wanna post on the forums openly, I was allways worried I would say something I shouldn't have and get someone in trouble until recenlty when I found he woudln't tell me "Hey a 6'in Jaga is coming out in Sept" if he was holding the figure in his hand. ^_^
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  7. Michael

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    I think that's absolutely fair enough zerozhane, I mean we all think the top level of Bandai America and CN for that matter are incompetent morons, but we can understand the general workers won't want to lose their jobs.

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