Bandai ThunderCats at Five Below

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    If you have a Five Below store in your town/city, you will definitely want to check them out! I bought ten ThunderCats 4" figures for $42 bucks and some change! I got multiples of Tygra, Mumm-Ra, extended shield Lion-O, Wilykit, and Ro-Cat panther arms Panthro for $4.00 apiece.

    I don't know how prevalent these figures are, and I didn't even notice until I got them in the car, but some of the action figures have a trading card with the featured character inside in the package inside a sealed baggie. I hadn't ever seen any of them before. (but that doesn't mean anything because I'm a late collector)

    Anyway, I just thought I'd obey the Code and get the word out.:tygra:
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  2. adssse

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    I stopped by this store the other day for the first time and found them also. My store only had 3, but picked up a Mumm-ra (everliving form) for my daughter to play with as I already had those three on card. I will plan on going back another time to see if they happen to get anymore.

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