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    The movie was loosely based on the comic of the same name. Besides, movie taglines aren't always literal.

    Great trailer though! There will never be a better Superman than Reeve. That Hack Snyder should be fired. He doesn't know a thing about Superman. Superman is not a selfish, depressed, dull, boring superhero. That's like making James Bond a celibate teetotaler!
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    Snyder doesn't get how to make movies for these heroes. Batman Begins was dark and gritty and the movie regardless of opinion was a success. After the disaster of Batman and Robin...pretty much any Batman movie would have been a success. The fact is though this became the thing to copy for all their movies.
    If there is one character that should not have a dark and gritty movie it's Superman.
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    I really enjoyed Superman: Man of Steel (2013); definitely the best Superman film, with an amazing story, great effects, incredible casting, and an good story. And, this is coming from someone who grew up with the original Chris Reeve Superman films back in the day.

    So, I really wanted to like Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice when I saw it on Blu-ray a while back; since, it took place in the same 'universe' as MOS, and they were using the same Superman actor.

    However, as much as I wanted to like the movie, I really hated it - and I've seen a lot of bad movies.

    My reasons - note there are SPOILERS below:

    1) Terrible casting for Batman; Ben Afflek is not a good actor, and was a awful choice for Bruce Wayne; there were a plethora of other actors who would have been better in the role. This ruined the film to a great extent.

    2) Superman just standing around as everyone around him was being incinerated during the senate hearings (when he was being set up to make it look like he did it). Why didn't he try to save any of those people?! Very uncharacteristic....

    3) The idea that Batman would only stop trying to kill Superman because their mothers had the same first name?! Give me a break...

    4) The Doomsday in this film was, visually, an extremely watered-down & unimpressive version of the character from the comic; sure, he was powerful, but very boring appearance-wise. They should have made him look more like Doomsday from the comic.

    5) I know Lex Luthor had hair when he was younger, and it all fell out in some kind of accident (that he blamed Superman for). So, I thought it was a real cop-out to have Lex have a full head of hair in the movie, and then just have it shaved off when it went to prison. Not the same thing - they should have stuck with the original (or similar) origin for the hair loss...

    I typically like DC movies/TV shows a lot more than Marvel ones, since I think the film-makers typically do a much better job of translating DC heroes to live action films/TV shows than Marvel films. However, this B V S movie was an exception...i.e., exceptionally bad.
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