Best Superhero adaptation?

Discussion in 'Introductions & Off Topic' started by shigsy2003, May 28, 2006.

  1. shigsy2003

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    Okay I aren't going to do a poll for this but what in your guys opinion do you think is the best superhero film based on their respective comics? From the ones I have see I would say Spider-Man. Mainly because I read some of his comics, seen the cartoons and know the character. Tobey Maguire's is a satisfactory representation and Spider-Man aside from the disappointing lack of wise cracks is everything I could hope from a movie. The costume is also great as it stays very faithful to the original.

    What do you guys think? Superman, Batman, Fantastci Four, The Hulk etc?

    Chris M
  2. wacky martin

    wacky martin TCL Member

    I reckon Spider-Man too, although I dont read the comics so I wouldnt really know...but what little I've seen looks to be dead on.

    Batman Begins is my favourite though, as I'm a big Batman fan, and the tone set in the film matches the dark one in the comics, even if some stuff was changed, its very minor, and the characters are all perfectly played.
  3. MannysCollectibles

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    Spiderman hands down....Havent read the comics much but I do have to say that IMO it stayed true to the original Spiderman concept
  4. kzlambert

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    I really like all of the Marvel adaptations. Both the stories and use of CGI have been fantastic. Given that though I love the Batman series. Batman and Batman Returns provided a genre of film that I had not seen before. Even as a child, these adult targeted films really appealed to me. As a child, Batman Forever was amazing. So each adaptation I feel has been successful in its own right..that is excluding Batman & Robin for obvious reasons.

    Not seen Batman Begins yet or any of the past years Marvel films, so I can not comment on them.

    Bye for now
  5. BigDaddy Thunder

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    before this time last year, i woulda never said batman, but now i can lol. the early batman films never really got it correct, but batman begins changed all that. heh, and it helps that im a huge batman fan :D
    wacky martin, im think as a fellow bat-fan, you might enjoying checking out the site in my sig.

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