Beware of aewsmith. Bad seller!

Discussion in 'ThunderCats Marketplace' started by Jaga, Mar 16, 2006.

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  1. Jaga

    Jaga Moleman

    I purchased a MOSC Pumyra from Adam Smith on Feb 22nd for $150US. We agreed to split the shipping cost which he charged me $8US for and it was suppossed to be HALF of the actual shipping. After never getting the Pumyra I emailed him and was told that it was shipped. So I ask for a tracking number and if it was insured and was told no. He then claims that he did not do this because it was not asked of by me. After several emails asking for information on the package he tells me he does not even know which package he sent was for me and does not even have a customs number.

    All I was trying to do was get info on the package. I never once accused Mr. Smith of ripping me off until today.

    Here are the facts:
    I paid $8US for HALF of the shipping cost which I was told was $16US.
    He claims it was shipped Canada Post Small Packet which is only $6.65Canadian.
    He says it is not his responsibility to track or insure a package that he sends.
    The package should have been shipped by Expedited service which would have only cost $14.04CAN and would have included tracking.
    It has been 18 SHIPPING days since he claims he sent the package.

    I know he has decent feedback on eBay zipkid2000 is his I.D. but this transaction took place HERE and not eBay. His Paypal I.D. is

    During our email exchange all he wanted to do is say I was "suggesting" he was ripping me off. His attitude has been terrible and honestly he could care less if the package arrived or not. He is throwing "I just had a good deal with Manny" around and that may or may not be the case. The point is I am out the figure I purchased and $158.

    I contacted my credit card company and have initiated a charge back for the amount. I filed a claim with Paypal to document that the item was paid for and never arrived like I was requested by my CC company. I will get my money back only because I used my credit card for the purchase.

    I am glad I asked about how the package was shipped. When you deal with someone and are the seller and take a credit card payment YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for making sure that item arrives! It does not matter if you feel that you are not responsible. Thankfully Visa and Mastercard are setup correctly to prevent FRAUD like this guy. Mr. Smith next time you deal with someone be honest and keep your word! Overcharging someone on shipping by more then double and then claiming "oh well" is just wrong.
  2. MannysCollectibles

    MannysCollectibles Legacy Team Member

    I cant say otherwise about aewsmith. His transaction with me for a LJN 1987 catalog thru Ebay was perfect. I asked him to provide tracking number and he provided it no questions asked. He even threw in a little bit extra for me.His feedback from me I also ended getting the item in 9 days. Im sorry this has happened...
  3. Jaga

    Jaga Moleman

    Well he just does not care. He has been very defensive and rude from the first email I sent checking on the package. At this point after our email exchange I really do not feel he sent it. Checking his ebay auctions he sold another MOSC Pumyra at the same time he sold me the one. It is not everyday someone has more then one. I should have made him do it like you did Manny and post it as an auction so there was a record there and feedback could have been left. the emails have started to turn ugly once I filed the charge back last night. Oh well I guess I have learned not to trust people at their word.
  4. LJN

    LJN Junior Member

    I'm very sorry to hear of your foul dealings Jaga.... :cry: I myself have been taken...once for nearly one hundred dollars... :x

    Having said that, how about a GOOD transaction? :) Send me an e-mail or a PM with your address and I'll get a few dollars out to you for those backer cards. Also, didnt you say you thought you had a Tygra? Lemme know man....I'm skipping town to see my girl for the weekend, but I'll try and get on-line via her laptop if i can. Let me know man....and sorry again this guy did you that way... hey though...I'm 6'8", 300 pounds and for a fee I'll go and pay him a "home visit"..... 8) ;)

    KIDDING! JUST KIDDING!! :oops: (about my SIZE I'm not kidding...but about the other I AM.... ..... or a m I ??) ;) lol

  5. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    Sorry to hear about your very bad transaction Jaga :(

    When you have your money back from the chargeback could you let us know here?

  6. Jaga

    Jaga Moleman

    I will post an update if anything changes. There is no question that I will get my money back on the chargeback since he has no proof of shipping or tracking numbers. This is why I used my credit card thru Paypal to be protected. Going thru Paypal any other way is pretty useless if you have a problem.
  7. wanger

    wanger Junior Member

    man that sucks I hate for anyone to get stiched up pumyra is a awsome figure to own hope you get one eventually and I hope to avoid a bab transaction in the futre fingers cross but at least youy will get your money back
  8. aewsmith

    aewsmith Guest

    Not what it seems

    This is not at all the case. I assure you I sent it and it was shipped in the manner request. This buyer is completely ridiculos. I have had 180+ transactions and al have been positive. He is over-reacting and being impatient. I have dealt with him and again and again over email but he doesn't seem to want to listen or change his initial idea that I am some horrible villian that decided after 180 transactions this was the one I would go rogue for. The package will arrive, I'm sure of it and this buyer better be posting an apology at that time. Even today I found out he could claim insurance on small packages for atleast $100 and I could easily send him the reciept and small package claim form. He ignored the new information, called me an a**hole, adn told me me to take my head out of my a**.

    It is also very convient that he didn't mention that I had 4 different totals for shipping of which I wasn't sure which was his. 3 were around $10-11, one was $6, with no package to prove it, he assumes the $6 was his price. He also forgot to mention my repeated offers of reimbursement and apologies for any shipping over-charge he may have felt he endured. He also forgot to mention that when I thought he had purchased another item from me I offered to throw in a couple t-cats scripts as a bonus for the wait for the pumyra. He also again forgot to mention he was advised that if the package was stopped at customs it could take weeks longer. He also forgot to mention that his 18 days is actually only 14 business days, a long time I agree, but not completely unlikely that it would take this long.

    Quite the different story

    Here's a couple tid-bits of the level of professionalism I've been dealing with.

    " If you were not such an asshole we would not be having this conversation!!!!"

    "There were no other options in this as you have been rude (actually an ASSHOLE) and unwilling to figure out a solution if the
    package never arrived. "

    "My suggestion to you is to get your head out of your ass and show me some proof it was shipped!"

    Sorry I tend to check out when people start name calling, he even sent an email with a simple one-liner "THIEF!!!!!"

    For the record I will do all I can to resolve this issue and get this buyer his pumyra. Also as I have said before on several occasions, but this seller just won't hear it, if I over-charge shipping I will reimburse him for the $2 or whatever the amount was that was over charged, I told him I use the Canada Post website to make estimates on the shipping costs, it is always possible they are inaccurate. I'm not trading not burning in hell for and extra $2 or an extra $158.

    Adam Smith
  9. aewsmith

    aewsmith Guest

    One last thing

    Oh also, the pumyra moc I sold before was a foreign card if you'll notice, thats why I had two, the one he bought was american, the buyer can varify this in the pictures I sent him and the auction photo. But I think he'd prefer to just jump to conclusions.

  10. wanger

    wanger Junior Member

    hmmm maybe your pumyra will turn up i hope it does also hes is right about how it can be held up in customs as i had this with my afa 80 pumyra i hope this transaction can be sorted out between you guys as its a shame if something dosent work could be just be a misunderstanding hopefully all will be good as we all want to be pleasent on this forum and get along
  11. aewsmith

    aewsmith Guest

    le sigh..

    I understand his anger and disappointment. But he needs to be patient and I am honestly doing all I can. He keep requesting information he knows he didn't ask for in the beginning. Today he told he wanted to know why I didn't send it with a confirmation signature attached. And he keeps asking for a customs number which he has doesn't realize they don't give here at the post office. He claims I should have used any extra money from the supposed over-shipping charge to insure or track the package. But I told him if at the time I realized I over charged him I had no permission nor no right to spend his money in any fashion, but to return it. I ship in the manner requested and he asked for the cheapest and quickest method and even requested we split it to make it more inexpensive for himslef.

    I think tonight I will take a photo of the reciept and small claims form and send it to him as his proof.

    The ironic thing is he wishes to stop anyone from buying from me but I've sold all my thundercats stuff except for one or two cheap little items.
    Adam Smith
  12. Jaga

    Jaga Moleman

    Wait a second would you like me to copy all of the emails you have sent me? You have a lot of nerve coming here claiming that you have tried to work with me on this!!!!!

    Here are the facts:

    1. You claim you shipped 5 packages on Feb 25th. You can not tell me which of those packages was to me. The receipts do not tell him where each package was shipped.

    2. When 18 shipping days passed I asked for information all he could say was it was shipped.

    3. When I asked what you wanted to do if the package never shows up you said "it was not your responsibility and it is my loss"

    4. You said you would split the shipping cost. That cost was suppossed to be $16 US DOLLARS. Considering Expedited mail according to Canada Post is $14.04 Canadian and it would have included TRACKING!!!!

    5. You never offered to send me scripts. In fact to qoute the one sentence e-mail: "Needless to say I won't be sending a T-cats script with your catalog." Which he actually could not even remember that I paid for a Pumyra and not a catalog.

    6. You have never offered to refund me a penny for the shipping cost. Instead complained that I was making a big deal that YOU did not ship it by the means that the $16 US would have covered.

    7. I did call you an AHOLE but only after you repeatedly called me a moron and idiot.

    8. I did not call you a thief or say you were trying to rip me off untill it became crystal clear that you DID NOT WANT TO RESOLVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!

    9. I repeatedly have asked for the method that it was shipped, weight of the package, customs declaration number, copy of the receipt, and how much he paid for the shipping. To this day all I have received from him is the supposed date he shipped and a list of 5 amounts he claims he paid on shipping that day.

    Don't claim here that you have offered to reimburse me!!! You have never made an offer! How about making one right here right now? I would be more then happy to hear something! I would also be more then happy to resolve this and close the chargeback. The ball is in your court and has been from the start. Be a man and take care of this!!!!
  13. Jaga

    Jaga Moleman

    Also I never asked for the cheapest and quickest shipping. YOU are the one who offered to split the shipping cost prior to ever giving me the shipping cost.
  14. aewsmith

    aewsmith Guest

    I don't know how you can say half of this stuff when I even here again made the attempt to offer back any over-charged shipping and have attempted again and again to resolve this. I suppose its terrible I confused your ID with another buyer and offered you scripts for a catalog that another buyer actually bought.

    really I think you're actually truely moronic. I have tried and tried but you continually disregard any attempt I make to resolve this issue and continually jump back to your accusations.

    I honestly don't know what to do to help you. I'm beginning to think you have my pumyra sitting infront of you and you want your $158 back as well.

    For the record again, I am willing to help in any way I can, I can completely reimburse you for the shipping if thats the case. I apologize and regret any over-charged shipping, the $2 is yours and I'll make sure you recieve it. I'll provide any information I can to help locate and track your package. I sinicerely suggest you request insurance and tracking next time you buy online.

    Again I will do what ever I can to resolve this issue amicable.

    Actually, I'm sending you back your payment now via paypal, so there you go, all your accusations are false, you now have $158 plus my pumyra moc, congradulations you scammed me. And for the record I don't care that much about a) the money or B) a moc toy, I care that when I die I'll have no regrets and nothing to be ashamed of. Stealing is abhorrent, again congradulations. When you recieve my pumyra moc and still have the $158 I hope you realize the extent of your actions and your shame. But I won't be anything like you.

    Adam Smith
  15. aewsmith

    aewsmith Guest

    No actually I can't paypal it back to you because my account is on hold until the credit card company resolves your dispute. So you'll have to wait for them to decide, but in speaking to them, I think I proved through taking a photo of the shipping reciept and small claims package reciept and informing them you could claim $100 of the price. They seemed much more informed to say the least. You'll probably only get the $58 back from me and have to claim the rest with Canada post. Again I will do what I can to help you claim that amount.

    Adam Smith
  16. Jaga

    Jaga Moleman

    Hmmmmm...... Well you must be having OTHER problems going on with your
    account that have nothing to do with me. Paypal has not even received the
    chargeback from my credit card company yet because I have not gone in to
    sign the papers. You show time and time again that you are a thief!!!

    Also please do not claim you have tried to resolve this in any way. You have done nothing!!! You are now proving that you are a liar! Your word means nothing and you are a thief!
  17. Jaga

    Jaga Moleman

    So Mr.Smith would you like to explain how if your Paypal account is on "HOLD" how you were able to recieve the .01 that I just sent you?

    This is more proof that you are a liar!!!!!!
  18. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    I think both sides have made their points now and this thread is just going back and forth turning into a slanging match. I doubt anything will be resolved via this thread so I'm locking it.

    A word of advice for ALL future trades: Try to send packages by tracked mail or at the very least insured. If your a seller insist your buyer pays for insured shipping and vice versa if your a buyer, ask your seller about insured or tracked shipping.

    In the end it makes life much easier and covers your back if your a seller and offers piece of mind to your buyer.
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