Big Bad Toy Store has several of the Bandai Thundercats toys up for pre-order!

Discussion in 'Mezco and Bandai Toys' started by Lilith, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Croaker

    Croaker Junior Member

    Apparently revision C of the case of wave 1 will have 2x Cheetara, so she won't be the most shortpacked in each shipment. (Kit and Kat will be.)
  2. PaulNomad

    PaulNomad Junior Member

    If the big retailers order that case, which i'm betting they won't. Most of the business people still think girl figures dont sell in boy lines. Just be ready to snap em up. I promise the scalpers will be all over it.
  3. siamese goat

    siamese goat Junior Member

    I will do some major preordering as well as store buying.
  4. lostdwarf

    lostdwarf Vortex Explorer

    Just updated my order with the cases. 2 of each case. I pretty much ordered 2 of everythign. 1 to display and one to put away. I wish I could pay right now, I'de drop the money faster than you can say thundercats ho!
  5. I'm going to resist the panic order of the Bandai stuff from BBTS for the time being. On the one hand its nice that you can pre-order from them to get the stuff. On the other hand, not only would you probably save at least $50 off that $700+ order going to retail (because BBTS is premium price on most stuff that I've ever ordered), but also I really don't doubt one bit their statement about supply meeting demand. Especially for the 3-3/4" figures. There's probably a handful that'll be tough to get, but I think once these things really hit store shelves, you'll have no problem finding pretty much everything Bandai's going to be putting out in that scale.

    I'm actually more worried about these turning into peg warmers, OR Bandai grouping these together under one individual product number (like Mattel is doing with the DCUC/MOTUC 2 packs at TRU which is making it impossible to get the new 2 packs at some places given TRU won't order anymore of an item code if they have some sitting on shelves). The good news is that these are likely to be at all retail stores.
  6. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

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  7. Endorx

    Endorx Rampager

    Just hope there not terrible figures... Ill be sooooo disappointed!
  8. Bengali

    Bengali Rampager

    Well from the london pics you can get a pretty good idea of how they'll look. Nothing can be worst then most of the ljn figs (sry I just never liked them).
  9. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    I think this topic deserves it's own thread :) Really don't want the Assortments news to get buried in that long thread ;)

    I might be tempted to order the Classics figures online (as I doubt I have enough patience to wait for them!! :D ) But otherwise I 100% agree with you and any 201x ThunderCats I buy, I'd like to get them from Argos for nostalgia ;) I can't wait to see them in the catalogue!!

    I would have said Woolworths, which is where all my ThunderCats I had as a kid came from, but sadly that won't happen since Woolworths is gone :(

    So excited to hear that Wilykat, Wilykit, Grune and Mumm-Ra will be part of the first wave of figure releases :)
  10. lostdwarf

    lostdwarf Vortex Explorer

    Ok I did the math, If you order cases A B C you will get the following for each figure

    :liono 10
    :tygra: 6
    :cheetara: 4
    :panthro: 3
    :wilykit: 3
    :wilykat: 3
    :mummra: 7

    Showing that Wily-Kit, Wily Kat, and Panthro as the "chasers" being only 1 per case each.
  11. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    My major concern is the amount of Mumm-Ra's. Unless there has been a mistake and it's actually Mumm-Ra The Everliving (and not decayed form) that is part of this wave. I think it's so strange to be releasing the decaying form first....and I'm not sure how popular that version will be (remember LJN made this figure a free giveaway item, which I feel was a spot on decision for this particular version of Mumm-Ra)

    Is Panthro being shorter packed than the others due to being the bulkiest figure?

    I think Cheetara will be ok to find, but I must admit it's finding Wilykat and Wilykit that kinda worries me.....:(
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  12. I miss Woolworths. Ironically I worked there when I was 18 and right out of college and that is when I met my husband. Back in the 1980's, they sold a lot of cool toys. However, when I was a kid, I got most of my Thundercat toys from a toy store named "Kiddie City".....before they were killed off by Toys R Us. ;)

    I'm not going to be so quick to do pre-orders. Patience is a virtue and if you wait long enough, you'll eventually find a better deal.
  13. mcss aerocoupe

    mcss aerocoupe Moderator

    BBTS took the 7 items listed yesterday down have been replaced with 13 of the followin. Sounds like there may be even more items at launch!!

    Placeholder By Bandai America
    Thundercats (2011) [​IMG] Figures [​IMG]
  14. lostdwarf

    lostdwarf Vortex Explorer

    THANK THE LORDS OF THUNDERA I preordered when I did.
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    7.50 a figure isnt bad considering gas/time etc
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  15. Synthalus

    Synthalus Junior Member

    Maybe BBTS wasn't allowed to reveal the details yet.
  16. Mark / Grizzlor

    Mark / Grizzlor Site Director Staff

    Oh no! I didn't pre-order! Now I'm regretting it! :(
  17. siamese goat

    siamese goat Junior Member

    Is this just BBTS testing the waters or what? I was hyped at first but then they started changing the items they had listed adding case assortments and such and then they take it down?.....looks like they were fishin' to see what the buzz would bring in. I dont doubt how legit the presale was just that it was a short and a bit odd. Oh well them and about every other onl;ine store will be selling again when time draws closer.....
  18. Yeah I wouldn't sweat it. It isn't like they'll only be getting one shipment of cases of these in ever. Plus these will eventually be all over every retailer in 6-7 months.

    No need to panic.
  19. TheFallen

    TheFallen Berbill

    It seems like BBTS has jumped the gun again. A new wave of unannounced product for GI Joe was recently found on BBTS and then became "Placeholder" much like what has happened with Thundercats.

    The descriptions on what was available is what will be released. BBTS just did the wrong thing and added the listing too early.

    I preordered the 6inch deluxe new version and the 8inch deluxe classic version. I will wait until I see the 4inch in stores or reviews before I pick them up

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