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  1. Copperkid

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    anyone else remember this toy line? I've been collecting them off and on and was curious if anyone on this site did the same. I'm looking for any fellow collectors and as well as any help on instruction sheets and such for completing some of those darn playsets and figures that have a bunch of accessories or little parts. that's all, take care
    - Copperkid
  2. Wes2882

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    Hey Copperkid!
    I remember Bravestarr! I definitely had the title character and the main bad guy with the crazy purple skin and silver hair (I think). They were pretty nice figures. Good sculpting as I recall. I always kinda bummed that they never made his partner. Didn't he have sort of a Teela-type? Now I'll have to Wikipedia it....
  3. Bengali

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    If you havent found it by now, I'd recommend for all info regarding it.

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