Buy ThunderCats collectables from Big Bad Toy Store to help keep this site and forum running!

Discussion in 'Modern Collectables' started by blackiecats, Jun 28, 2011.

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    As many of our members will have noticed, we have recently partnered with Big Bad Toy Store who have taken ad space from us, which helps us keep this site and forum funded. So we'd encourage all our members who plan to order all their ThunderCats toys and merchandise online, to consider using BBTS for their purchases.

    This is at no extra cost to you and every dollar does help, as we do expect the site costs to go up when the traffic increases from fans of the new show jumping on board.

    So be sure to click on either our forum ad or the front page of the site ad to buy your items from Big Bad Toy Store!

    We also encourage folks to use our Amazon affiliate links for your purchases, as again this is at no extra cost to yourself and ThunderCatsLair benefits from it!

    As for UK partners, we plan to affiliate with a UK toy store as well and will announce this and place ads up when the toys officially hit the UK
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