Introducing: Call me Roybot.

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  1. Roybot

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    Hi everyone! MY name is Roy. I'm 38 years old and a Thundercats fan from the beginning. My daughter is 10 and she likes Thundercats too. I had a few Thundercats toys as a kid. I distinctly remember owning Lion-o and Snarf (got a pic somehwere), Panthro, and Slithe. I recently decided to start a collection and bought a nice lot on eBay to get started. I'm hoping to share my collecting experience with you guys and see what you got going on also.
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  2. adssse

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    Welcome to the forums. My kids (daughter and son) and I both share the Thundercats passion as well!
  3. Wilycub

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    Welcome Roybot! :)

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