Campaign for WB to reconsider ThunderCats Classic by Super7!

Discussion in 'Mattel ThunderCats Toys' started by The All American, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Booshman

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    I'm not trying to be negative, just realistic. I'm all for doing things for trying to help the brand, but I also realise that sometimes this can be counter productive. Just think how many messages it would take to make them rethink this decision, then ask is that really likely to be reached. Any amount below this, particularly one much lower, will only validate the decision they already made.
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    I was meaning more for Bandai Japan. If you are not familiar with Bandai Japan's toy's you should have a look at them.
    Although I will say I still thought overall Bandai did a good job with their Thundercats toys. The Classics body was better proportioned and articulated and as for the 2011 cartoon toys they were really good especially the 6" figures. They made each figure unique instead of just re-using an older toys buck body.
  3. Hopefully this provides some inspiration my friends:
    Would love to have you join us if you still want the line.
  4. Cheetoro

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    Zero responses is sure to validate their decision, so while everyone understands what you are saying, you are playing right into corporate America's hand. We have to make the effort and then let the chips fall where they may. Only human persistence can make a difference.
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  5. plexxrock

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    Not that i like to be 'that guy' but in this case i'll be that guy. This feels like a 'lazy' alternative, akin to when people start Facebook groups to try and ''bring about change'' the times that actually work, is when movements spawn from those 'groups' and get taken into the 'real world' and where actual action and time gets put in to bring about what it is you want to accomplish.

    Look at 'articulated icons' which is a Toyline being created by members who've gotten to know eachother through Fwoosh and who share a common intrest in modeling and customization. That's what you can accomplish with the help of a 'kickstarter' and that's just one example, and that was a completly original 'ip' if you will, not like Thundercats that actually is an established (albeit fairly small) trademark.

    I'd like to hear from the admins here, and others if there would be any intrest in attempting to try and make this happen with the help of the Thundercats fans around the world. If you go '3P' you could sculpt identical replicas to the cartoon, the only thing offlimits would be 'the cat symbol' (easy enough to work around) and the actual names for the purpose of packaging (also very easy to work around)

    I mean, you could in theory litterally sculpt the figures and leave 'space' on the uniforms for the symbols, and then just 'sell the symbols' 'reprolabel' style through another source.

    That's how easy these copyrights are to get around.

    I mean, i'll do my part and tweet them or whatever, but i'm also a realist and i expect nothing to come of it, outside of maybe a 'great we've heard your intrest, and it's cool you are fans of the Thundercats'

    It's my full belief that IF we ever wan't proper faithful representations of a Thundercats Classics line, it'll be on the fans to put the time and resources in to make it happen.
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    I agree that any and all avenues should be explored. I wouldn't exclude anything because just when you think you should count something out, it can work. I do not have any toymaking experience, but I would be happy to help in other business areas if needed.
  7. Mad Bubbler

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    Just out of curiosity, where and when did we get the news about super 7 not getting the thundercats license? Does anyone have link to an article or a video they can post? . It would be greatly appreciated.
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    Thanks for the article. I also found a video with Brians lame attempt to make a joke of the dead line. Despite my high hopes for this toy line and my willingness to spend a tonne of money on plastic cats. I definitely saw this comming. I think the part that bugs me the most is that one day another company will get the thundercats licence and start a new line, and of course I will have to buy another dam Lion-o (as if they haven't made enough of them).

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  10. You can contact WB to ask them to reconsider:

    A lot of posters on Twitter seem to have gotten onboard so every voice helps!

    And I am with you, I don't want another new line/buy another new Lion-O!
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    I would be more than happy if another company took over and remade them all for me to buy, especially Lion-O and Pumyra as those two figure were really messed up.
  12. Mad Bubbler

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    I don't have Facebook or twitter, but I will definitely send an email to customer service. I agree, every voice will help the cause.

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  13. Cheetoro

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    They want you to keep buying the same ones. That's called milking it. It's a dishonest business practice and we shouldn't stand for it. This line was doing fine on it's own by all official accounts. If that isn't true, Mattel or WB need to speak up about it. Otherwise they only have themselves to blame for our assumptions because we only have access to so much information. These companies want to have it both ways and we have to start holding them accountable.
  14. Another place to possibly contact WB about continuing the line would be here:

    If you wish to use material on a product or license a product that contains our copyrighted material, please contact:
    Warner Bros. Consumer Products
    Email:; Fax: (818) 977-9735

    Though this appears to be for actual companies and not fans, so probably the email that Mattel and Super7 used. But it's likely a direct avenue.
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    That sounds good.
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  16. I contacted them earlier at the licensing email. I received an email back that they received it. Will have to wait and see now. Fingers crossed! :biggrin
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  20. Cap'n Cracka

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    It is more than just the cat's symbol that is off limits. WB owns the "image and likeness" to every character, landscape, vehicle, name and structure. Anything and everything of the show along with the cat symbol. You can't make exact replicas of anything from the cartoon without being held liable. With also the possibility of getting a cease and desist order from WB. It would be well within WB's rights to send that cease and desist order the second any sculpt of any character showed up. Along with the cease and desist order, say figures were sold, WB would then also have the right to any and all money that was made from the sale of these items. This would leave the person/company making these out the money they spent making the items, the money made from the items, would also be accountable for any and all fines that come with it and also open themselves up to being sued by WB for damages which in this case would generally be the licensing fees that WB normally charges. Copyrights aren't easy to get around especially if WB is watching and enforcing. If something were to be mass produced, they would be watching and enforcing.
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