Campaign for WB to reconsider ThunderCats Classic by Super7!

Discussion in 'Mattel ThunderCats Toys' started by The All American, Jun 10, 2017.

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    I 100% agree with you.
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    It's about where it's produced - it needs to be in Asia. They can send all the letters they want, that doesn't do jack crap. The reason we know this is a viable path is that it is already happening to other brands. They only skirt around the names and logos, and sometimes not even that. If the 3rd party model is properly followed, WB will not have any good options.
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    Sorry didn't notice i actually posted my link in the wrong thread
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    I enjoyed watching your video, and I even shared it.
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  5. Sebastiaan

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    Great video! And great way to promote the continuation of the line. Loved those little inserts of the mutants :)
    On a similar note - there's a poll on to sign if you guys are supporting the continuation of the line. It was just launched in the last 48 hours. GO SIGN - it won't do any harm.
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  7. Daremonger

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    I signed it. :)
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    I got a hold of the full Thor Marvel legends Ragnarok wave....and i looked at this particular wave where most of the figures are bulky and muscular and have great details in color, sculpt and well as all the different sculpts they've done in the marvel legends line...i just wanted to point out that HASBRO would be able to do some awesome TC figures in the marvel legends styles.....anyway just wanted to see what you all thought....
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  9. Mark M

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    As I said before Hasbro's Marvel Legends are an excellent toyline with wonderful detail, paint, sculpt and superior articulation compared to anything Mattel have ever released. I would love Hasbro to make some Thundercats figures as unlike the Mattel Classics figures they would look cartoon accurate with unique sculpts.
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  10. Daremonger

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    I'd love for Hasbro to make ThunderCats figures, too, if they ever bought out the license from Warner Bros.
  11. I signed a few days ago. Is there any plan to send this to WB? It got to the 100 signature goal, but then looks to have a new countdown to 200. I guess I'm wondering what the goal is in doing a new petition. These petitions seem like a hamster wheel.

    The one from last year looks like it recently closed with 1,193 signatures:
    Guessing it closed due to hitting a 1 year mark? 1, 193 is a great number I'd say, but I don't know how really changes anything? Is there ever a signature cut-off? Where do these petitions go to?
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  12. Serval

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    Hmm...Marvel Legends seems to be inconsistent in terms of quality. I love their new "Dark Phoenix" and their older Cyclops (not the one packaged with Dark Phoenix) ...their Rogue looks rather confused...I like their Groot/Rocket, but their StarLord looks a bit off...I think Diamond Select did an impressive job with Gambit, but their scale is not conventional. Have you checked out Revoltech's Wolverine? It's cartoon (and video game) accurate! spot on.
  13. Mark M

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    Marvel Legends are sold at mass retail at a cheaper price point, and whilst some have some slight issues they are no where near the same amount that the MOTUC figures have. Yet MOTUC are sold as a higher price adult collectible.
    I wasn't too keen on the first Marvel Legends Hasbro released after taking over from ToyBiz but since 2012 they have really improved and the line is amazing.
    Diamond Select also make incredible figures.
    The Revoltech figures are petty cool but I prefer the Hasbro ML version.
  14. I've got some exciting news to share! I emailed Warner Brothers a few times over the last month, but I only received that automated message that they received it. A few days ago, I did something rather bold, but figured it would not hurt - I forwarded my request to the highest level at Warner Brothers. Last night, I received a positive email response back from a very important person and decision maker at Warner Brothers. I was surprised, relieved, and extremely appreciative.

    Below is the last paragraph from that email that they wrote back to me:

    "We are in discussions with additional partners to develop more products based on the classic TV series. The team at WBCP Toys is very familiar with the talented team at Super 7 as well as “The Four Horsemen.” I can’t share more information with you at this time but I can say that there will be a lot for Thundercats fans to be excited about in the near future."

    You can read into that as much I have been doing and come to your own conclusions. Whatever happens from here on out, I know that Warner Brothers is aware of the demand for ThunderCats Classic, and ThunderCats in general. I can tell you they were given a direct link to the petition from last year, the Twitter campaign page, etc...

    Based on WB's message, I've got my fingers crossed that the ThunderCats Classic line by the Four Horsemen will continue somehow. I would like to think that the reach out the last year, especially the last few months, made a difference.
  15. Daremonger

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    I appreciate this so much.
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  16. ninja cat

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    Thanks for the exciting news!
  17. Sebastiaan

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    That is fantastic news. And yes, we can read into it what we want, but it means that they're acknowledging our attempts to continue the line - even if it is through somebody else. Or a brand new line, who knows?! The silence from their side was killing me, but now I'm more at ease. There's hope still. Even if it is something entirely different. TC is not dead. That's basically what I read from that. Ho!!!
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  18. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator Staff

    I think that the "100" mark was just an automated goal the system conjures up. I think if it comes to 200 it might jump to 500 and a 1000 thereafter. Who knows. And yes, perhaps that other petition closed as it was a year later.
    The purpose of these petitions? I guess to let the powers that be know that there are fans who want it. Even if only 100 signed. I honestly believe though that this latest petition did not get so much attention because many fans were deflated by the S7 announcement. And although they wanted it to continue, they may not have thought it worthwhile the trouble. But there's always hope. Even if this line continues as something entirely different.
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  19. Cheetoro

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    Actions speak louder than words. While I am delighted to be encouraged, I would temper any excitement. It's very easy to say good things while never following through. The track record speaks for itself, and it is poor.
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  20. That's very understandable.

    Hope indeed. I am extremely encouraged.

    You're very welcome!!!
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