Cats Lair for sale!!

Discussion in 'ThunderCats Marketplace' started by Pash2x4b, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Pash2x4b

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  2. Dr_SLUMP

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    Hello my friend. I am the winner of the auction :) it's been more than 22 years since I missed the opportunity of owning the Lair.

    I hope it's packed well, post offices treat parcels like garbage nowadays :/

    If anyone has a ladder so I can complete the lair, I would be very grateful.

    As for the discoloration, I will soon post a guide for repairing yellowing from ABS plastics (it's an open patent called retr0bright but I have my own variation and tips).

    As for the electronics, I'm pretty confident I can fix any possible problems (I'm an engineering designer).
  3. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    If you need any help/advice on the electronics let me know as I have a fully working lair myself :)
  4. Pash2x4b

    Pash2x4b New Member

    Im so glad you have said that about the discolouration as i was quite worried about that as it doesnt really show that much on the photos! Hopefully you will be suitably impressed with my packing, an elephant could sit on it and it would come out unscathed!

    I have missed the collection for today as i wanted to put your phone number on the couriers notes to help with delivery, i will also pay the extra £15 out my own pocket to send it by air rather than by road so you should get it reasonably quickly.

    I really hope you can love this as much as i once did. I must say im sorry to see it go but i couldnt give it to my children and watch them destroy it, it would kill me! (or them ;))
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    Well its got there, i hope it got there safely!
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  5. Dr_SLUMP

    Dr_SLUMP Berserker

    Yeah, just opened it! :D Hooooooo!!! Fantastic stuff, my emotions are quite intense, while TC BGM plays on the background...

    I really wish I had this as a kid. I remember the stack of them in the toy store but not getting it because it was expensive, bulky and I already had Castle Grayskull (which was later given away without my permission).

    The yellowing can be easily fixed but I'm not even bothering with it, it's very faint and probably an oxygen cleaner plus UV will do the job without even peroxide. I'm not testing the electronics for the moment, all I want is a nice display from IKEA with at least 39 CM depth...
  6. Pash2x4b

    Pash2x4b New Member

    Im so glad, were you impressed with the packing?

    From your post may i just say i have a castle greyskull and a snake mountain in my mums loft..... along with all my he-man figures!

    Im so glad it arrived safe and sound, would you post a picture once its on display, so i can have a fond memory of it?
  7. Dr_SLUMP

    Dr_SLUMP Berserker

    Yes, the packing was safe even if dropped from a certain height... hahah

    MOTU were probably the best toyline ever, keep them safe and sell them only to people who will appreciate them!

    No worries, I'll post hi-res pictures as soon as I get a proper display for it ;)

    I'm comparing it now with the Tower of Omens from Bandai and it's just sad. 26 years later and the new playset is lightyears... inferior! :/
  8. Pash2x4b

    Pash2x4b New Member

    I still remember opening that on christmas day and being amazed at the technology as the laser light thing had never been seen before!
  9. Dr_SLUMP

    Dr_SLUMP Berserker

  10. Pash2x4b

    Pash2x4b New Member

    cheeky sod! i just cut and pasted the main description but the last bits were my own words!

    That one looks REALLY discoloured though, and the battery covers are missing (i hate that!)

    Funny that they also had the ladder missing, other side of the country to me though!
  11. Dr_SLUMP

    Dr_SLUMP Berserker

    I kinda doubt that he actually has it, it looks dodgy to copy a previous ad. Plus the pictures look familiar... I'm happy that I won yours and not his auction :p
  12. Endorx

    Endorx Rampager

    Sold yours for a great prices Pash.. I sold one not so long back which was complete, no fading, working, and with a great condition box for £300... Ebays weird....

    I have an unopened one which i think is in c-9.5 condition in original shipping box which ill never sell, Lol..
  13. Pash2x4b

    Pash2x4b New Member

    Thanks yeah i was lucky but i think it was the gamble i took putting worldwide postage, i was lucky it was only going to greece so it didnt kill me too much on the postage but if it had been going to south america it would have cost me a small fortune!

    When i sell on ebay i always use buy it nows as auctions NEVER work out for me (except this one :P)

    If anyones interested i still have a black laser saber but it isnt in the best condition, it needs a bulb, the battery cover is missing and one of the plastic nobbles that secures the strap has broke off. But it definitely works!

    I dont blame you with the boxed cats lair, i dont think i could be tempted to sell something like that!
  14. thundercatQueen

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    Cheeky Girl

    Hi there Pash

    I just looked at you old listing for your cats lair, i hope dont mind i've nicked your description for when i list mine later on this week i hope mine makes as much money.


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