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    I hope I'm posting this question in the correct place.......:confused:

    I am rather unschooled when it comes to the LJN Cat's Lair Playset, I've recently had an opportunity to purchase some parts for it, but I don't know how much to offer the seller for the parts. I want to offer a fair price, and I don't want to be cheap, but I also don't want to overpay either.

    If you could all please give me some suggestions in USD, I would greatly appreciate it.

    There is the ladder, but one of the upper connector pegs is broken off.

    The red gun with the spikes on the end of it. (no damage)

    The red floor piece that the ladder stands on. (no damage)

    And he has the blue front of the Mutant attack vehicle. (no damage but no labels/stickers)

    Off topic, but if I may, thank you to the staff for putting the instruction manual, and pictures of the Cat's Lair playset in the website as well, because it has been invaluable for identification!
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    Hello "Originalthundercatroar"! It's always a pleasure to see you posting on ;)

    Regarding your question, I have generally found EBay to be a pretty good place to get rough ideas for the price range of Thundercats toys and merchandise. So I searched it and found the following approximate values:

    The Ladder: $ 7 - 10
    The Red Gun: $ 7 - 10
    The red floor piece: $ 7 -10
    The Blue front of the Mutant attack vehicle: $ 5 - 8

    These are just approximate values. If an item has pieces broken off or missing the stickers then you might wanna reduce a buck or two on it. And if you're buying them as a lot then a few more dollars can be reduced.

    Just to give you some examples here are some parts that sold on EBay:
    1. Red Canon, Mutant Attack Sled (minus purple shield) and a Hovercat - $ 36
    2. Cats Lair Head, Battery Compartment, Two Claws, Two Dungeon Doors, Two Red Back Doors, Red Canon, Front Doors and the neck - $ 75
    3. Red Canon - $ 10
    4. Front Doors - $ 12

    Hope this helps! :):
  3. Originalthundercatroar

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    It certainly did! thank you so much, 'Cub! I have entered into negotiations with the aid of Jackalman and S-S-Slithe, they brought pointy sticks and everything! ;)
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    Looking for cat's lair playset parts

    I am trying to complete my cats lair playset. Does anyone have any parts available they would like to sale or trade? Also, Does anyone know about getting a copy of the sticker sheet for playset to print out? I did an extensive search of the internet without finding anything.
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