Cheetara Statue Up on Hard Hero!!!

Discussion in 'Modern Collectables' started by Lord LionO, Nov 15, 2009.

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    Here is another quick mock up from member Lord LionO

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    on cheetara statue

    hi there :) the statue is good but it doesnt show much impact on her as a 'cat. i think what went wrong here is that there's not much contrast on her - her skin tone (arms. forearms, legs and thighs), her clothing (i would want to call it a "bikini":D), her accessories - are all of the same color/tone and it's somewhat dark that made the figure a little "dull". if i remember it right, my toy cheetara (way back then :p) has an orange-tone bikini. i hope that when they do the movie, they would modify the color of her costume or at least make her standout as the only female 'cat in the cast. im still looking forward to seeing THE thundercats movie. HHHOOOOOO!!! :p
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    yep! i prefer the suggested version - makes her look more of a "real" Cat - femme fatale as they describe her =)
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