Clarity: Chapter 1: HelloGoodbye

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    Author: Tygrastripes aka VixenVampirechick
    Status: Multichaptered fic
    Pairing(s): Cheetara/Tygra
    Character(s): Cheetara, Tygra, Lion-O
    Rating: PG-13
    Genre(s): Angst, Drama, Romance
    Warnings: Mild Violence, mild sexual/suggestive content
    Summary: Ten times Cheetara wasn't clearer with her feelings and the one time she was...
    Disclaimer: I do not own Thundercats because if I did we'd have an awesome TC movie out with Avatar like visual quality!

    “Maybe next time I can bail you out of trouble.”

    She creeps carefully down from her lookout point soon after Lion-O finds his way from the back alley of the slums and into the city streets.
    He would likely be safe enough to make the long trek back into the palace with no other trouble. Which meant it was time for her to make a hasty bid for the palace as well.
    The cheetah starts to run an old familiar route out of the slums where she is less likely to run face first into any unsuspecting cats; she still slows to a jog just in case. It takes less than a minute before she is at the cleric’s quarters slipping into her hood and garb and standing with the others who remain unmoving at the throne room’s great doors.
    Her late arrival is to be expected in turn with the young lord’s as today it is her turn to provide protection for the prince, a prince she is finding to be much less likely to stay put than prince Tygra.
    She receives the sword before taking her place in the front and remaining as still as stone with them.
    Cheetara allows her eyes to drift closed, sensing the raw power of the sword, coming off the weapon in waves and she isn’t just impressed by it but awed and honored to even be holding the sacred blade.
    Their peaceful meditation is over all too quickly and they are moving silently into the hall where their king awaits with each son. She glides along stepping forward when all others have stopped.
    Lion-O looks ruffled but determined, jaw set in a serious line standing at the precipice next to Tygra.
    The tiger catches her eye for a moment and recognition flickers within them before he gives her a little wink. Lion-O looks positively scandalized at his brother’s actions Cheetara does her best to feign apathy. Now was not the time to indulge in Tygra’s playful antics.
    Not many cats would dare such a thing at a royal ceremony at that but Tygra is definitely not other cats and she gives no indication having seen or heard anything at all.
    She takes her place amongst the others to bear witness to the ceremony that is over all too quickly and ends in disappointment.
    The young heir looks completely dejected at the king’s scolding and she feels her frown deepen in sympathy.
    She’s positive that the young king is withholding something, but for what and why she doesn’t know and cannot ponder for long as Jaga is leading them from the room.
    The lion notices not her passing eye upon him too trapped in his own inner secrets. Her eye then catches the other prince in the room and he is already looking her direction and she wonders how long he’s been watching her.
    She holds his gaze for but a few seconds a time span so small it would easily go unnoticed by anyone.
    It is a common game for them in their passing, a silent hello and a silent goodbye, that is all either can allow.
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    I just started reading and I love how you're following the series.

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