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  1. I really don't understand some of the lukewarmness for Snarf?? I mean he's the character that is the most faithful to the original design that we've seen so far. I would think that would warrant a very positive reaction to him.

    To each their own of course, but I just really wonder about the reception when he's as faithful to the original as he is.
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    I dont understand the Snarf hate either, I mean he was pretty whiney but he usually came through when needed. I am a proud Snarf fan and the new one looks great to me. :)
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    I won't be surprised if the Cheetara figure doesn't have spots. Same thing happened to the 4" DNAlien figure from Ben 10..not spots, yet the place they where supposed to be painted on was carved. Had to add the myself. -_-; is up with the big hands?
  4. I've got to wonder about how detailed the cat symbol in the emblem will be on later figures in the 3.75" scale if they introduce that to the show (which, I really hope they do. That red spot looks naked without it). The figures are going to be small enough, it'll be hard to get any sort of accuracy on them that size I would think (other than a black dot)

    Really hoping they nail it accurately on the 8" classics line. The LJN figures left something to be desired in that area :eek::eek::eek:
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  6. Kind of a tossup between Mezco and the 8" Bandai line for me at this point. The Classics line has quite a bit more articulation points than the Mezco line, but the Mezco line in terms of sculpting detail and accuracy looks to be the winner. It'd be nice if they were combined into one 8" fig.....

    On a separate note, just saw some images of the new wave of Marvel Universe figures. Here is Apocalypse


    You can tell a NOTICEABLE difference in the level of detail here vs the same 3.75" scale TCats posted in this link.

    If I'm rating this Marvel Universe fig a 9, the Thundercats ones are 5.5 - 6 at best. This is the kind of sculpt detail we should be getting from Bandai that we're not and thus I think the reason behind the sort of underwhelmed feeling at this point for the line. This only amplifies the feeling that the Thundercats 3.75" figs will look like they were pulled from a Happy Meal and not from a toy shelf.

    If Hasbro can deliver that kind of sculpt detail, there's no reason Bandai can't.
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    ^^^ Agreed!!!!!
  8. Here's the images from the press release on the home page

    Lion-O - [​IMG]

    Ok so safe to assume those were old protos as you can see the eye of Thundera on his belt. Actually Lion-O looks, somewhat impressive here?? :eek::eek::eek::eek: This sculpt is almost 100% improvement from the earlier one. The claw looks pretty cool too.

    Tygra - [​IMG]

    What the heck is that in his hand????? That seriously can't be the whip?????

    Panthro - [​IMG]

    Ugh...Panthro looks even more old and haggard in this toy than he does for the show.

    Cheetara - [​IMG]
    She looks like some Tron/LOTR hybrid
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    I am so grateful for the classic line also coming out. I know it seems as if I am complaining too much but not liking these new line toys that much. Don't like the look of Lion-O's glove. It looks more like something Freddy Krueger will use and what is it with Panthro and his sideburns. He looks more like a gorilla than a cat. The one look that I am most disappointed in is Cheetara. She lloks more like a yellow version of an Avatar. With all of this said i will probably get these toys anyway but will first invest in the classic line. All I am thankful for is having the cats back.
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    That example is really pushing "apples and oranges". Apocalypse has cybernetic armor that would call for hyper detail. Plus he comes from a line that is based off of one of the most meticulous forms of art in media. On a side note I've just seen NYTF photos of that MU line and they are not as spectacular as the press photos.

    The new T-Cats are actually quite simplistic from a design standpoint. Plus as others have mentioned, some of the details (e.g. Panthro's scars) were sculpted on the T-Cats, and not just painted. Perhaps they did get a bit lazy when it came time to sculpt the feet, but not every small scale toy can be a Revoltech.

    I suppose further judgement will come this weekend with display photos. My hopes are that the 6" line will blow us away.
  11. Fine, check out World War Hulk then.


    Its not apples & oranges with him. Also if someone wants to say "Yeah but they won't look that good because that's a prototype"

    So are the ones above from blackiecat's press we're comparing protos to protos.

    It is apples to apples, and the MU apples look a LOT more detailed than the Bandaicats ones do. Having said that, I did say above that those sculpts from earlier were obviously old, and the new ones I just linked in a post above I find better in quality, at least for Lion-O, than the earlier one we saw.
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    There is no doubt MU are more detailed. But when you compare the two lines you must acknowledge the difference in source material. Those Marvel characters are based of some very detailed artwork. If that Hulk was solely based off "Planet Hulk", I'd be more inclined to agree with you. However from the two photos we've seen the T-Cats are not hyper detailed with every muscle outlined and grit smeared on their faces, etc, etc..
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    Overall, I think they are looking good, but man, the Lion-o drawing looks terrible on that Deluxe Sword of Omens box. I didn't even know it was Lion-o at first. The character looks kind of female to me at first glance.
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    I have to say i am now loving the new line. I wish they had a bit more detail but I sill think they are great. Did anyone notice:

    - on the box of the tower of omens you can see wilykit?

    - a vehicle that looks EXACTLY like the old cat's lair comes with the tower of omens?

    - mummra comes with weapons that seem to be evil versions of Lion-o's? Mummra has a claw/scarab shield and a small sword that looks like the sword of omens, which it very well could be but he also comes with a LARGE sword that has something that looks like an 'eye of thundera' in it. I noticed that mummra and grune both have mummra's symbol as well so I bet they will be using that as faction symbols throughout the series.

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