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  1. pauly

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    Here are some new additions to my Miniature Thundercats collection. Another Tygra and Panthro, but these ones are from Columbia and in my opinion look a lot better that the the American releases. Enjoy.

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  2. I was watching these and forgot them...the next thing i knew the auction was over:lionomad: great score though
  3. pauly

    pauly Vortex Explorer

    Yeah, real cheap too!
    Got lucky on this one. :D
  4. yea, that was a great score!
  5. ThunDerianRoyalGuard

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    Those are indeed from a factory in Colombia, but they're made for the European market, the Holland, Belgium (maybe Germany) market to be precise.. there really cool, I have a couple moc and all of them loose..
  6. figurasdeaccion

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    Toysa also made the roleplay weapons sets, and then gave the molds to Unitoys.
  7. ThunderColombia

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    Belt TOYSA to carry the dolls.


    [FONT=&quot]This is the belt I make TOYSA to carry the dolls, and not only manufactured the belt, but as you can see in some photographs, she also had the rights to manufacture a shield, sword, claw and mask. I do not know if they would be entitled to make more toys, and I know very little about the company.

    [FONT=&quot]The belt was manufactured more or less in the year 1987 and I imagine it had to be exciting for the children of that age have a toy of the Thundercats, because here in Colombia many people loved the series. I was born in the year that opened the Thundercats, so I could not enjoy until 12 years later when repeated in some local channels. I liked both the Thundercats, who until this day gives me great excitement to see them again so be on my DVD.

    [FONT=&quot]Among my collection of the Thundercats, I have this belt, and seeing these forums, take a few photos to my belt to share them with you.

    [FONT=&quot]I hope I have helped somewhat.

    [FONT=&quot]If you have any questions, please write it and we will gladly answer them.:liono[/FONT]
  8. pauly

    pauly Vortex Explorer

    Yeah the belt is cool, I wouldn't mind one MISB but I'm more about the figures.
    Do you collect the mini's??

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