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Discussion in 'Vintage Collectables' started by Shepherd, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Shepherd

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    Can I get some brief reviews of the comic books? Worth getting, or disappointing? I read on wikipedia that it gives a more mature take on the 'cats than the cartoon did: true?

    In the Dogs of War storyarc, is there any mention of a connection between the crew from the Dogstar and The Demolisher from the cartoon? Also, how many characters(or, more accurately, breeds) from the Dogstar are shown...i.e. Doberman for Doberlord and I saw some kind of long-haired breed attending to The Doberlord in a web image search I did...
  2. AlexofThundera

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    Yes, the Wild Storm comics are of a much more mature nature.

    Are they worth it is pretty much up to the individual. Once in a while you'll see someone selling the entire lot on eBay for a few bucks, which is how I got them all. You might want to try scoring them that way, rather then individually.

    I think they are worth it. They give back stories on the origins of Mummra, Grune, Jaga, Claudus, etc.. The stories are pretty solid and the art is beautiful. Just keep an open mind as the first time you see Lion-O "snapping" a Jackalmans neck will seem pretty "weird". And a horny Monkian eye balling Cheetara as well. lol

    I haven't read the Dogs of War series yet though so I can't comment on those.

    Hope this helps.
  3. NewKidInTown

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    "Reclaiming Thundera" and "The Return" are definitely worth it, though the events in the latter might be jarring as Alex suggested. The art in "Dogs of War" is nice, but I didn't like the writing. Certain plot points made no sense.
  4. Purrsia

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    It is a matter of taste what you'll like. I'd suggest looking around on the web to read various synopses and reviews of the comics, if you can't get the whole series on the cheap and need to be more choosy.
    TCL of course has their own comic section that can help with that. And, I humbly offer my own write-ups and synopses as well, here.

    The only series I really could not stand was Hammerhand's Revenge.

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