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    Hi all,

    From the front page of this site:

    As we approach our 2nd Anniversary, TCL is proud to unveil a major update to our growing Comic Section! Perhaps the biggest update is to our ThunderCats Original Comic Art Gallery, with the addition of more than 40 new pages of production artwork from the various ThunderCats comic books, bringing the total number of pieces we have hosted at this site to over 150! Arguably the most notable additions to this section are those in our UK Gallery, which now include several more amazing pieces from the UK comic, generously donated to this site by acclaimed UK artist Martin Griffiths!

    You can check out the Gallery index to view all the new pieces we've been able to add, but below are a couple to whet your appetite!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Don't forget, all these and more can be viewed in TCL's very own Original Comic Art Gallery!

    We are also proud to present two more interviews conducted with two more creators of the UK ThunderCats comic, namely artists Lee Sullivan and Andrew Wildman. These two interviews not only provide insight into Lee and Andrew's work on ThunderCats, but also give us a real insight into what life was like at Marvel UK back in the 1980s!

    Lastly for this update, we have a special feature spotlighting an appearance in the UK comic by one of ThunderCats' rarest characters, the Stinger! Learn more about this character and how it fitted into Marvel UK's ThunderCats continuity by reading The Stinger appears!

    As we head towards our 2nd Anniversary next month we hope to have more great updates for you - stay tuned!


    ...Hope you guys enjoy these updates - putting them together was a lot of work, but great fun! Some of the stuff that folks have kindly donated to the Original Comic Art Gallery is just awe-inspiring - I thought you guys might like to know too that two of the pieces we have featured come from the collection of one of our very own forum members, Saltygirl! :)

    Take care... :)

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