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    Hi everyone,

    Another quick comic-related question! :)

    When looking for info about a comic on the Internet, would you guys prefer to read a detailed synopsis that contains lots of information about what takes place in the comic's story, or do you prefer a briefer synopsis that is largely free of "spoilers"? :)

    I would guess that for most brand new comics it's better not to post up too many spoilers, at least without spoiler warnings - but, I'm interested to know what you guys prefer when it comes to older comics (such as the ThunderCats comic series published by Marvel back in the 1980s). :)

    Looking forward to hearing what you guys think! :)

    Take care, and thanks for listening! :)
  2. When it comes to the older comics from the 1980's, I think it would be best to have a detailed synopsis with the spoilers because you can't get a hold of those old comics anymore unless you are a collector like yourself and I. This way fans that remember the old comics can read about them without having to spend a lot of money hunting them down just to see what each issue was about.

    Wildstorm comics on the other hand, you could have both because those are still relatively easy to get a hold of in comic book stores that sell back issues or on ebay for a low price. So my advice on that would be to have a brief synopsis with a clickable link for spoilers and full description.
  3. He-Fan

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    Chris here...

    What you say makes a lot of sense and I tend to agree with your thinking - when looking for info about older comics online I tend to look for quite detailed write-ups with a lot of information because chances are I'm actually looking for info on a specific plot point rather just a general overview. However, I wasn't sure whether that was just my love of detail colouring my view, LOL! ;)

    Thanks for the feedback on this, Queen Lynxana - what do the rest of you guys and girls think? :)

    Take care... :)
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    Well, i've been reading comics for many years,mostly by Vertigo and not so much the Superhero titles and i've always looked at two things, whether if it's a single issue or TPB, first the writer along with a brief synopsis containing the setting, characters and the type of story it is(crime,action,comedy, journalistic...) and secondly i take a look at a couple of shots from the interior art because the cover sometimes might be drawn by other artists. The good thing with comics generally, is that one single picture it's not merely a thousand words but on top of that gives you also the stigma of the whole content and what it's all about.

    When it comes to older comics as queen lynxana mentioned, a detailed synopsis is more preferable.
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    When it comes to the old Tcats comics a Detailed Synopsis would be great!
  6. catspat

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    I agree with the others. I'd love a Detailed Synopsis because, in all honesty, I love spoilers. :)
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