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    Just wanted to get everyone's opinions on each of the comic book series.

    I know a few of the newer comic mini series are available in the graphic novel format for 10/each on amazon and wanted some opinons before I jumped in.

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    Chris here...

    For my money, the Wildstorm series were a huge disappointment! :(

    I felt they started off quite strongly, with some great artwork and enjoyable stories, but I felt that some of the issues rather lost what ThunderCats was supposed to be about, and was very unfaithful to the source material. In many ways, the biggest mixed bag was The Return mini-series - a very clever concept IMO, and wonderfully illustrated, but seeing Lion-O willfully break a Mutant's neck - for me that is so far out-of-character for Lion-O it's not funny! :(

    By far the best thing that Wildstorm produced were the two one-shots, Heroes & Villains and Villains & Heroes. These were absolutely *SUPERB*, featuring fascinating insight into the backstories of many great ThunderCat characters and for me at least feeling very authentic. I don't know if these have been released in TBP form, if they have I'd recommend them! :)

    Take care... :)
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    The comics? As in the latest series of comincs that came out in the last couple of years?

    Utter crap, no bones about it. Save your money.

    I find that Wildstorm had way too much creative control over the genre. If they were going to make so many changes to the Thundercats so to update them to today's standards, why not just start anew with a new generation of Tcats? The originals were fine just as they were and didn't need the change.

    The two worst, I'll happily share with you, was The Return and Dogs of War (both written by Ford Gilmore - a self proclaimed Thundercats expert - who had proven that he had no real concept behind the characters, their backstories and personalities). Never had I read a comic that had me seeing so much red that I literally threw the nearly $5 comic across the room in disgust. the reasons? The blatant out of character depictions (the Thundercats killing others, strong female characters reduced to whining, bitchy eye candy for the males to oggle over/rescue, the plot holes that you could drive a mac truck through - prime example of that was the whole Book of Omens thing - just to mentioned a few).

    Not to mention, when the writer willingly admits to writing a story specifically to coincide with the artist's preference, you know something's up (this would be Dogs of War; Gilmore had admitted that the entire story was written around Brett Booth's love of drawing dogs and dinosaurs).

    The artwork wasn't all that much better, really. I really hated the comics for this - the guys were alright, but the girls? Why did the girls always need to be depicted in alluring? poses? (chest out and looking like they had implants, legs spread, panty shots, hell - I saw Kit with nipples in one! Wilykit should never, ever be depicted in such a way, utterly shameful!). Yes, the comic industry largely deals with guys, but there are girls out, there too.

    Art wise, by far, the worst of the lot was Brett Booth's - I had read a review one time that spoke of another comic he had illustrated and made mention that all his characters have the same built/facial structure - which is true. Aside from different hair styles and clothing, the body structure between the men and woman are all the same. Plus, the eyes freaked me out. :?

    There's only two series that I would recommend...

    - Hammerhand's Revenge. Despite the misspelling of the kittens names, Snarf's third person dialect and Lion-O's one brief moment of out of character-ness, it was a very well written story and about as close to the actual series as you could get. And the funniest thing is is that the story was written by a woman who wasn't too knowledgable about the series - which amazed me how well she did capturing the Thundercats personalities.

    - Thundercats/Gatchaman crossover (this would be the one written and illustrated by Kaare Andrews and Udon, not the other version) - he totally handled both genres perfectly and there were many points in the story that was just too funny - like the commercial sequences and hundercats in 70's gear.
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    thanks for all of the words of wisdom, guys! Looks like I'll be steering clear of those!
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    i liked the first volume, becuase it was still pretty close to what we know and love as tacts fans. but afterwards they tried to take the series in a rather odd direction from what were used to. as has been mentioned, they did some strange thing with the characters which i guess was to help gain interest with new fans, but i think it was counterproductive as you can see it brought alot of disinterest to old school fans. if you really want to chekc out any of it for your self i recommend the first volume tpb as it was alright, from there tho your on your own lol.
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    comics opinion

    Hi all,

    Personally, I really liked 'The Return,' even if no one else did. I LOVED the story line about the time altering spell Mumm-Ra cast and especially the effects it had on Lion-O in 'Dogs of War.' It showed what would've, and did, happen if Mumm-Ra had been able to defeat the Thundercats. Worldwide enslavement and the especially brutal revenge inflicted on the main cats, like the Empire's revenge on the Jedi in Star Wars or how the world ended up in Dragonball Z without Goku. It's nice to see the bad guys win every once in a while, and without a tragedy of that magnitude, the Thundercats could have become that same Star Wars republic- weak and overconfident. Seeing everyone aged was nice too and seeing a fallen Thundercat in WilyKat afterwards really made his character, in my opinion, more real. He could be tempted and break just like any other man. I agree though that seeing Kit so scantily clad was wrong and it just made me look at Mumm-Ra as the ultimate letch <shudder>. My favorite part of the series was seeing Cheetara up and slap Lion-O for his comment about why no one came to get him when things got bad. I always thought he was pampered too much and needed a firmer hand than the simple 'Good thing it all worked out. Ha Ha Ha!' If a real leader screwed up as many times as he did, esp. when he opted not to call for back up and got captured or something, he would be suspended or demoted. I can understand not being able to demote him with so few cats around, but taking away the sword for a time or grounding him to the Lair would have made Lion-O more responsible/mature. Moving on...
    SOME of the art from the first series before Return were really well illustrated, but others looked too 'sketched' for my taste. I didn't much care for Hammerhand's Revenge, although seeing Hachiman's return was cool, even if the reason for his return- the capture and ransom of his village or father or whatever I thought was kinda weak, and introducing that race of Griffins? was a nice try to introduce new characters, but them coupled with the Dogs of War just felt like they were trying too hard to bring in new charcters. I've only read the first one or two issues of Enemies Pride, but so far I like the idea of forming an army, but I thought it strange that the series weren't all tied together on the same timeline as 'Dogs' and 'Return.' The crossovers and backstory issues ( Heroes and Villains, Villains and Heroes, Thundercats/Gotchaman, Thundercats/Superman) I loved, esp. the artwork. Overall I'd give them an A for trying to bring back a classic series, but a C or D for their lack of creativity...or maybe too much creativity? Anyway, I don't know if they talked to fans about their ideas before slapping a comic series together, or if they were trying to make a quick buck, or if they just talked to the wrong fans, or what, but Wildstorm, I think, were close to doing some good, and maybe peaked some of the younger generation's interest. I only hope next time they try a new series/fig/comic line, it's done with more hardcore people's input, like those on this site. But however the future of Thundercats plays out, they'll never be able to live up to ALL the fans' vision for new Thundercats...Anyway, just be glad we got SOMETHING new even if it's not quite what you were expecting, and here's to hoping that next time the powers that be learn from their mistakes.... oh and one last thing, and maybe this will help you understand my opinion a little better: I LOVED THE NEW MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE CARTOON A FEW YEARS AGO. Maybe this just LOCKS me into the insane category for some, or maybe I just love anything the majority decide.

    Hoping I don't get bombarded with hate mail

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