Completed Thundercats Display including Laser Sabers, 8 backs, and other Rare figures

Discussion in 'ThunderCats Collector's Showcase' started by Robimus_Prime, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. Robimus_Prime

    Robimus_Prime Moleman

    Update 04/09 New full wall for collection

    The new super auction pic
    New addition Sword of Omens
    8 backs
    At last, the Tongue-A-Saurus!
    He-Man full display
    Straight on from the case, this used to have Thundercats
    Mint on Card figures, all regular size packages US releases

    I actually lost Transformers display space but I consolidated the best stuff.

    This photo is unfortunately ALREADY out of date, I won a vintage Predaking giftset and have sold the 20th anniversary. Also that Reflector is a custom box it didn't come in one.
    All that's left of the Beast Wars...hope they enjoy the plastic crates for a few years lol.

    Hopefully this is it as far as moving my display around, I feel like I've finally got it situated and I like how close together all the figures are now, it's basically the whole basement. Thanks everyone for checking out the photos as always, take care. RS
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    Looking at these pics I REALLY need to repaint that basement, the color scheme is offensively ugly and the paint is chipping off the baseboard. Maybe a tan with red paint over that stupid paneling. I'll get my interior decorator on this right away! lol
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  2. kylefromdirtnapp

    kylefromdirtnapp Vortex Explorer

    I usually don't like MIB collections, but man! That is just beautiful! Looks like an old toy store. Love the OP cookie jar, too. Another thing I like is no ugly AFA stickers on anything!

    p.s. No one's gonna look at the trim when they're down there. Wow, that sounds dirty!

    THEGODBEAST Junior Member

    EXTREMELY IMPRESSIVE collections!!! :thumbsup: Thanks for sharin'!

    I don't see your Ghost of Jaga though...;)

    I see you are a hunter...too bad you didn't show more of your guns (only the stocks). I too am a hunter. I hunt heasant, Quail, Partridge, Rabbit, & Deer here in Iowa. I wanna try turkey huntin' soon.

  4. Lord Thunderian

    Lord Thunderian Junior Member

    Robimus Prime...

    OH - MY - GOD !!! :eek::thumbsup:

    That collection is pure craziness... I love it !!!
  5. Robimus_Prime

    Robimus_Prime Moleman

    The only AFA stuff I have came that way when I bought it, I don't trust sending my stuff to them. I have bought a few of their custom cases though, they have a nice product. If I could
    I've had that Optimus Prime Cookie jar head since I was 3, I love it. I used it as a piggy bank. I don't know where it came from and I haven't seen anymore on ebay to know what it's worth, I would get one mint in box if I did. Anyone have any info on it?
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    Is that Ghost of Jaga a custom piece you've done? I saw your icon and it looks cool. I'm actually not much of a hunter myself, I inherited a gun collection when my grandfather passed a few years ago and I have them displayed inert, there are 11 of them. There are some neat rifles, like a 30/30 Winchester that I've shot before. One double-barrel shotgun is close to a hundred years old. But I'm a police officer so I have some useful guns around that aren't on display. :cool:
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  6. Vivek

    Vivek Great Void Dweller

    We can spend hours gazing at that collection :cool:... thanks for sharing Robimus. And the fact you gathered this awesome collection in only one year is most impressive :).

    THEGODBEAST Junior Member

    hahaha...I was just bustin' your chops...I saw how complete and wicked your Thundercats collection was and thought... a Ghost of Jaga would look killer w/ all of your awesome pieces. is a custom I made. I had one guy take my custom and re-seal it on a vintage Jaga was killer!

    Here are some links:
  8. Mark / Grizzlor

    Mark / Grizzlor Site Director Staff

    Too bad you don't really have any good toys in your house.
  9. Robimus_Prime

    Robimus_Prime Moleman

    That Ghost of Jaga is very cool, he was that way in the show a lot more than he was alive so it makes sense too. Also speaking of "Grizzlor" I just bid on a black faced version of him on ebay, being that it's rare and looks more monstrous I think. I got smoked! lol
  10. Mark / Grizzlor

    Mark / Grizzlor Site Director Staff

    Would it be fair to say that Robimus has the best known T-Cats collection? What might be missing from his collection that would make somebody else's better?

    Maybe its prototypes?
  11. Chromeagle

    Chromeagle Barbarian

    Hey Rob, awesome collection! Looks like I need to go into law enforcement.:thumbsup:
  12. Robimus_Prime

    Robimus_Prime Moleman

    People complain about the pay for Police-work but it's really not bad, all kinds of opportunity for part-time work and department overtime. I worked about 18 extra 40 hour weeks last year but I nearly doubled my salary doing it, this year I've slowed down a little but it definitely helped getting my house and getting a lot of this stuff. I can't complain, just finished my third year and I can see being around 20-25 more.

    On an un-related note, this is now the only place any of my collection pics are listed. An admin on the He Man board took down everything except my MOTU pics and it ****ed me off so I deleted all mine and links to anything. I know this isn't a Transformers or He-Man board but it is 80's toys and they are all inter-connected, plus the collection is best viewed in connection with all it comes with. That's why I moved it all into the same room. If for some reason all my non-Thundercats pics were deleted here I would do the same thing, it's just principle. I want to share the fruits of my collecting searches with people who can appreciate them, otherwise they are pretty much just seen by me and Holly who thought the Riding Battle Cat was a Thundercat... Nothing wrong with that it's just I know people on this board know what's good.
    Thanks Grizzlor for the props, I am very blessed to have the opportunity to amass this collection. I think my collection has a good balance of all the 80's toys I like and includes some rare pieces from all, Thundercats having the most notably rare ones. A lot of people have high-graded AFA pieces that cost a lot of money and I'm no stickler for condition. I would still one day like to get a sealed Cat's Lair and Tongue-A-Saurus, and I have a few non-US cards I would like to replace for uniformity. But I am very happy with my collection.
  13. Chromeagle

    Chromeagle Barbarian

    I for one enjoy all of the stuff from the 80's. Those guys dont deserve to have your pics if they want to be like that.
  14. T-Cat

    T-Cat Mutant

    Wow...When did you guys get your toy collection from? I have a lil' collection myself (Silverhawks/TCats/and other 90's stuff) not as much as you guys! I wonder how long ya'll will keep this collection or pass it down to some young lucky family member,lol!
  15. Robimus_Prime

    Robimus_Prime Moleman

    Re: How I got my collection...

    Thanks chromeagle I agree. Also my statement about this being the only place the pics are on display is now false, my dad pirated them and placed them on the board to go with his McFarlane and WWE displays lol. They aren't technically in the same house or even city but it's all in the family so I guess it's cool. :cool:
    As for where the collection came from... I kept a lot of my original toys from childhood, obviously loose but most complete. I added to them a little bit over the years and started dabbling in mint in box items, especially Transformers. Over about a 3 year period I purchased boxed items and funded the purchases by selling pieces of the loose collection and also using funds made from selling first run items at the flea markets and on ebay. Then last year at Botcon I found a guy who had a bunch of carded Thundercats and I bought 6 or 7 and I already had 4 so I sold my loose collection and put some money with it, including making a very lucky purchase from England that netted me the Laser Sabers as well as Thunderwings Lion-O and Luna Lasher Mumm-Ra. When I found out what I had because a boardie sold the Laser Sabers Ben-gali for $3200 my excitement grew, and I felt a sense of urgency to complete the Thundercats carded and boxed collection. Which I did. And somewhere along the way I found some cheap packaged Masters of the Universe and did the same thing on a smaller level that I had with both other collections. And then for icing on the cake early this year I completed my Transformers Giftsets collection and finally added the Tongue-A-Saurus and Light up Sword of Omens, effectively ending my quest for vintage items right about a year after it started in earnest. So that's a long answer to a short question but hopefully I did the craziness that was the past year some justice, just check out my albums on here to see how it progressed from June to December to present and see the high rate of turnover.
    As far as passing it down I'm only 25 and I have no heirs presently so if I suffer an untimely death I'm not sure if Holly (given that we aren't married yet) or my dad would get my collection. But I guess it all depends if and when I have children what their interests are, I would like to hold on to the collection as long as possible unless finances, health, or family living space becomes a serious issue. I'm very selfish so a lot of stuff would have to come down at once for me to get rid of something I've built and really enjoy. I'm pretty sure I'm in this for the long haul but who can say beyond the present.
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  16. MannysCollectibles

    MannysCollectibles Legacy Team Member

    Its awesome to see collections grow over a period of time. It definitely brings a hige sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. As many of you know I am almost out of the Thundercats collecting world having sold most of my collection except a couple of very rare pieces but my love for the toys will always be there. Right now I am focusing on coin collecting and precious metals. The poinnacle so far of my coin collecting is an absolutely perfect Ultra High Relief Double Eagle $20 gold coin. It is one solid ounce of 24K gold....trully a work of art and perhaps the best coin ever minted by the United States.

    Anyways congrats on the huge accomplishment, I know what it feels like


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  17. Robimus_Prime

    Robimus_Prime Moleman

    Wow Manny, I ebayed that cause I didn't know the value...very impressive!
  18. MannysCollectibles

    MannysCollectibles Legacy Team Member

    To me its much more than a gold coin, it is a beautiful piece of art. It is amazing because that coin was supposed to be made over 100 years ago but due to technology it was not possible. The sculptor who deisgned it, August St. Gaudens was way ahead of his time. Luckily with today's technology, over 100 years later they were able to fulfill his vision. Best of all is that it is supposed to be a 1 year issue only so the mintage is going to be extremely low and it should appreciate nicely in the years to come.

    Sorry to hijack the thread
  19. Robimus_Prime

    Robimus_Prime Moleman

    I wiki'ed him and the coin's history, very cool. I don't know anything much about coins but I can definitely see that being both an investment and art. Congrats on getting one.
  20. Robimus_Prime

    Robimus_Prime Moleman

    Collection Update

    Since I haven't updated since April, here are some of my newest additions:

    Four new AFA graded Thundercats-Slythe 8 back 75, Jaga 70, Grune 75, Lynx-O 75. Also have an 8 back Cheetara w/Kit 85 on the way.
    Set of Transformers G1 Pretender Monsters that combine to make Monstructor all sealed
    MOTU Horses, birds, and cats all sealed
    MOTU Fright Zone, Slime Pit, and Unpunched sealed Modulok
    And all the MOTU classics released to date:

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