Crssover ideas for Thundercats/Ghostbusters (1980's) fiction?

Discussion in 'ThunderCats Fan-Fiction' started by mathewbailey08, May 27, 2017.

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    Anyone thought an idea for Thundercats/Ghostbusters crossovers? Of course there would be some comedy in them,but also featuring some of The Real Ghostbusters characters as well-Slimer,Janine Melnitz & Louis Tully. The crossovers would feature the Ghostbusters' Third Earth & New Thundera headquarters in the Cat's Lair.
    Not to have their New York City headquarters on First Earth abandoned,The Thundercats & Ghostbusters would be able to travel back & forth between First Earth & Third Earth & New Thundera at will. There would be a lot between the geniuses Panthro & Egon for example. Some examples of crossover story equipment for example would be an Ecto Tank-one of the Thundertanks modified for the Ghostbusters using two modified proton packs-one for backup as a power source & also to power the Ecto Tanks' proton weapons & onboard Ecto Containment Unit. (a small & portable removable version of the familiar Ghostbusters Ecto Containment Unit)
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    I've never imagined ThunderCats and Ghostbusters crossing over, but it would be pretty doable.

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