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  1. csmhoff

    csmhoff New Member

    well heres my thundercats figures collection which finally completed last month with that elusive bengali hammer that took a while to track down, really need to transfer the figures to a bigger cabinet though at some point soon.

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  2. matt

    matt Thunderian Legend

    is that purple mumm-ra a custom, or is it the actual purple prototype from the lunar lasher mumm-ra? Its a sweet looking custom if it is, and I thought the actual Lunar Lasher mumm-ra was red (except for the various pics of him).

    But that aside even if he is real that is a sweet collection, Ive been dieing to get a Toung-a-sarus.
  3. mesepher

    mesepher Moleman

    It looks like a custom... but its hard to tell if the eyes are painted or not.

    Is that Lion-o with Thunderwings a smooth back? Again, from the photo the eyes look painted, but who knows!

    I'm also in the market for the Tongue! Almost won one a month ago, but got sniped at the last second b/c I was at a toy show :(
  4. csmhoff

    csmhoff New Member

    hi yes, the mumm-ra is a custom with idea that looks like this one: http://www.cheezey.org/collect/purplemum.jpg

    never got round to painting the lion-o though so he is just a normal version- the nicer one with a solid orange head rather than orange paint on red plastic.

    I may be selling the tongue-a-saurus shortly, depending whether it fits into my new 1950's cabinet, it has a split in the tongue though, but took me years to obtain.

    that reminds me i have some custom he-man figures with thundercats heads somewhere that never got round to final painting- they did look rather strange.
  5. Chromeagle

    Chromeagle Barbarian

    Nice collection
  6. brollicon

    brollicon Junior Member

    very nice love the tongue lasher

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