Deception of a Generation (demonic toys) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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    So i stumbled upon this youtube crap tittled "Deception of a Generation (demonic toys)" where a couple of clowns break down some 80s franchises like He Man, Star Wars, Black Star, Wonder Woman and at minute 37:41 they move on to Thundercats and vomit their religious crap on it. Its quite hilarious how to these two potential pedophiles or porn stars ..can you sat "SPOTLIGHT" everything as being the "Devil"...martial arts, yoga, transformations...the sword of omens is occultist...etc..I wonder what theyd think if they saw the "Kardashians"....all witches they'd say...this was hilarious to watch....someone needs to send this to SNL so they can make a skit on it...I do love those 80s toys they had on the table.... OH BOY THE 80S...glad were not there anymore...anyone seen this ?
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    Couple religious guys look like 70s-80s adult film stars?????

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