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Discussion in 'ThunderCats (1985)' started by ThunderECH, Sep 7, 2017.

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    I noticed some the first time I watched the DVDs years ago but I just re-watched a bunch of episodes this afternoon while taking pictures of my collection and I noticed even more. I've only noticed them in the pilot so far, Exodus has loads of small bits missing. For example when slythe and jackleman confront lion-o in the sword chamber and demand he give them the sword, he replies "you shall not have it while I live" I clearly remember slythes response being "that will suit me just fine" but on the DVD he doesn't say that. There's a scene on the bridge of the ship missing and another one in the sword chamber as well that's been cut short. Seems odd too me that they would cut these bits.
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    I can't believe nobody had an opinion on this. Are the scenes i have mentioned on your versions of the dvd's? If not, did you notice they were absent?
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    Those bits are only on the Exodus VHS.
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    Fair enough, explains why no one replied then. I still think its really weird that they wouldn't be included in the DVD release though as there would of been plenty of space for the full length episode.
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    I don't think space was the issue but rather which tapes were used for mastering the DVD. Perhaps the technicians involved with the creation of the DVD were not aware of the differences between the two versions of Exodus and just went with the syndication version, without knowing that it had many scenes cut.

    Maybe in the future, if we are lucky, WB might release the full uncut version of Exodus. :) Until then we can always watch the deleted scenes on YouTube.

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