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    Hello all!

    I have available the entire collection of FHE's VHS video tapes from the '80s. There are two things that make this extremely rare:

    1) All are in mint to near-mint condition
    2) Most Important - Vol.6 Lord of the Snows is included!

    Vol.6 was by far the hardest volume to come by. I might only know part of the reason, and I'll admit it is speculative, but back in 1991 I had to order it not only twice, but a third time because the first two I received did not fit in my VCR. Yes, they were VHS, but were too wide by about a centimeter. Because of this maybe FHE just didn't manufacture that many. The other very strange thing is that the second episode on this volume is Tower of Traps, which is also on volume 12. FHE was never known for duplicating episodes.

    Some of you might remember that pretty much every video store had most, if not all volumes available to rent, but never once did I ever see Vol.6 available anywhere!

    When I ordered these from my local video store's distributor I was very lucky since they had been out of print for about a year. So I basically picked up what they had left in their inventory.

    Pictures are available upon request. And I will say that unless I have a substantial offer I will just hang on to them.
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