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    the captain's children: rook, siri, & jabal. all from my fanfic "the drifting pride." they're not warriors like the children of ang-kor, but they can hold their own in a fight. they are more tech savvy than turk, tab, & abyssa.

    rook (19yrs old) is captain fangnari's eldest son. rook's mother died tragically in childbirth, so it was basically the glimmer's crew who raised him. having lived most of his early life off-world & @ different interstellar ports, rook didn't have to adjust much after thundera's destruction. he's pretty mellow, is as comfortable in hanging out w/ the rest of his pride as w/ his alone time. but he's happiest tinkering w/ machinery, so 1 can usu. find him in the engine room / working on his star skimmer, the burning cold. he's not exactly a fighter. in fact, he'd much rather keep his enemies @ a safe distance. it's not cowardly! it's smart. yes, he totes a blaster, a weapon he modified all on his own, & he's a real crackshot w/ it, too. he's tab's best friend, but while he's a yr older, he's not as confident as tab. where tab doesn't mind visiting the occassional concubine during his r & r days, rook's interests lie only w/ abyssa. too bad she has yet to return that interest.

    siri (14yrs old) is rook's 1/2 sister in name only. she is servala's 1st born. her real father is unknown to her, but that doesn't matter to her. fangnari has acted as her true father since the day she was born. she was born aboard the glimmer a month after thundera's destruction. having rook as an older brother wouldn't be so bad if he would just stop bossing her around. 14 is practically grown up! oh, & life would be so much easier if she wasn't stuck cubsitting her younger brother, jabal. she doesn't use them often, but siri was given fire darts as weapons.

    jabal (8yrs old) is the son of fangnari & servala, 1/2 brother to both rook & siri, but his blood ties them both together. jabal is a typical 8yr old boy, curious, good-natured, energetic. but sometimes being the youngest on board the glimmer isn't easy. it seems every1 bosses him around. he wants so badly to be 1 of the older guys by hanging around turk, rook, & tab, but he often gets stuck w/ siri watching him. jabal is really too young for an actual weapon, but he's allowed to have an impact shield which protects him from weapon blasts & projectiles.

    siri & jabal are the only 2 thunderians of the glimmer that were born off-world. everything they know of old thundera (the history, the culture, the language) was taught to them by chardi.

    & here's the lineart before the colors.



    a salty disclaimer: this story/art work/design/creation is my contribution to thundercat fandom & is strictly for thundercat fandom only. all characters, names, places, & situations depicted here (except those from the original thundercats animated series) are my own original creations. they were created for the sole purpose of free fandom enjoyment, so no, i am NOT doing this for profit. yes, i realize i've created these characters in the context of some1 else's idea (big ups to ted wolf, leonard starr, & the rankin-bass crew, yo!), but please give proper credit to all creative parties involved.
    so let's review shall we?
    1) please give credit where credit's due (aka don't claim **** that ain't yours). >:(
    2) & if i'm not making any $ off of this, then neither can YOU. so nah! >:P

    thank you, & have a nice day! ~~saltygirl >:)
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    Wow, Rook has lots of style! :D

    He could be a young Panthro anytime ;)
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    rook is a stylish 1, ain't he? kind of like a rockstar. but he's lanky & too laid back to be like panthro.

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