Figure and Packaging Variants

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    This thread is not for discussing or picture posting of variations of figures or packaging. This is a resource area to point collectors to the discussions of the variations out there. If you know of a variation that isn't listed below, either post a link to the thread discussing it, or start a new thread to discuss it and post the link here.

    Known variations as of September 16, 2011:

    SDCC 2011 Lion-O (figure and package) -

    Deluxe 4 inch Grune mistake with ThunderCat logo instead of Mumm-Ra logo -

    Classics Lion-O and Tygra packaging with and without name printed on front -
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  3. mcss aerocoupe

    mcss aerocoupe Moderator

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    hii admin ..hru ...I bought all 20 figures on May 1st from a few stores around town… with the majority of the figures coming from Target. So today I went out to TRU to take advantage of the buy 4 get 1 free sale and had full intentions of returning the worst of each figure to Target.
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    New member here. I know, old thread, but this post is twofold. One, I recently began collecting this line maybe 3 months ago and am taken aback at all these variations. It's got my head spinning. Second, I need to make a single post as you all know before I can start making threads. Next post: Introduction! :thumbsup:
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    That will never happen. That show and continuity is dead, and BanDai has no license (or much of an American market presence) anymore.

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