Figures that should have been.

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    God that Thunderstrike prototype looks so cool. It would have been great to get that.

    Anyways, my list of figures that I would have loved to have back in the day:
    1) Mandora = The biggest TCat ally that didn't get a toy
    2) The Lunatacs = The only main characters to not get toys and sadly, only Red Eye was even in development. And I'm also picturing what a Sky Tomb playset might have been like
    3) The Demolisher = One of the bigger one off guest spot villains to not get one.
    4) The Rat Star = It made enough appearances in the show that I can't help but feel like maybe a toy was at least planned.
    5) Willa = The Warrior Maidens were such a big deal in season 1, I'm surprised they didn't get figures.
    6) Snow Meow = Give Snowman his stead...come on!
    7) The Technopede = The Astral Moat Monster got a toy, but not this thing? Come on! lol
    8) The Plundarrian Warbot = Again, how could would this thing have been?
    9) Vultureman's Flying Machine = Its amazing to me how the non-toy elements of the show look so toyetic anyway
    10) Pumm-Ra = Mumm-Ra's most famous would have been interesting to see as one of the classic figures.
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