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    Wilycub that was my problem with the last episode of Lion'O's trials. It was utterly ridiculous. I know Lion-O and Mumm-Ra are supposed to muscular dudes (well mumm-ra in ever living form) but they looked like balloons. I think for Mumm-Ra it was a given for him to be bulkier later since the ASOE gave him more powers.

    I do NOT want to talk about the last episodes of season 2, ESPECIALLY Hair of The Dog.
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    I know what you mean. The "Trial of Evil" had very poor animation. Not just Lion-O and Mumm-Ra, but all the other characters were drawn badly as well. Also at the end when a number of folks have gathered to attend Lion-O's coronation, Dr. Dometone and the Brutemen are colored wrongly. And what in heaven's name are the Ninja and Mule doing there as well??!?!?!?! :confused:

    In fact all the episodes in the vicinity of "Trial of Evil" have poor animation, like "Superpower Potion", "Eye of Beholder", "Mumm-Rana", "Trouble with ThunderKittens" etc. Maybe these were produced in a different studio.
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    Probably. I know Defenders Of The Earth had about three or four different studios, and one of those studios, the character design was a lot more basic. They didn't get that many decent episodes either. Watch the episodes we've discussed in ROCKS 2A-2D, and then compare with episodes like The Gods Awake and Return Of The Skyband.
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    well you know thundercats was animated by three different studios. One somewhere in europe, one in korea, and also in japan. I just really wish the animation style they'd used for episodes like "spitting image" and "mumm-ra berbil" had stayed.
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