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    Another collab between Fuzzy and myself - Pumyra forgives Lion-O for leaving her behind on Third Earth while everyone else got to return home. XD

    The only downside to Pumyra's brand of forgiveness is that her knuckles will be bruised for a week or so. Ah well - sacrifices need to be made in such cases and I'm sure it was all worth it to her (Lion-O deserved so much more than a broken nose; inconsiderate ass that he is). XP

    And just in case anyone mentions the comics from a few years past - I do not consider those part of the canon storyline (considering the plots conflicted greatly with canon events; that, and the writers willingly admitted to not being overly familiar with the series when writing these stories in the first place).

    Drawn by traditional means and colored in Adobe Photoshop CS2 with the use of a Genius art tablet.

    Lion-O/Pumyra @ Ted Wolf or whoever the hell owns the copywright.

    Concept @ Fuzzy

    Fanart @ Me.

    Please, do not redistribute.
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    HAHAHA! :mischievous: It would have been so great if Pumyra had done that!! (on the otherhand it also would've been very out of character for Pumyra...as it seems as she is the most peace lovin' of the Thundercats...:roll: )

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