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  1. blackiecats

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    Forum Rules

    Thank you for reading these updated forum rules. We at are not too keen on rules ourselves so these will be kept short and to the point. I assure everyone that there is nothing overtly strict here!


    -Please be polite and courteous in your posts and do not insult other people. We are a very friendly bunch and like to keep it that way. Sometimes new people to the forum do make mistakes, so please refrain from jumping on them and finger pointing.

    -Please make sure you post your thread (s) in the correct forum.

    -If you have any problems please pm a moderator or admin who will be happy to help you.

    Post Contents

    -We are not prudes here, but we believe there is a time and a place for adult content (whether that be strong language, nudity or violence) and a cartoon forum isn't the place for it. We do not tolerate any indecent content of any kind on the forum. Basically if it wouldn't have happened or been said in the Thundercats cartoon, then it doesn't belong on the forum.

    -Please be careful of posting links or content from outside sources such as links to other sites, YouTube videos and myspace pages. A lot of these contain content that isn't allowed on this site. Please preview anything you want to share with others before posting, to make sure it doesn't break any of the forum rules.

    -Please do not offer or link to any illegal bootlegged content of any kind at all. This includes VHS Videos, DVD's, VCD's, CD's or cassettes. It also extends to photocopied comics, annuals, novels or reproduction pieces of any kind.

    -We often discuss open and closed auctions on the toy forum. It's perfectly ok to offer your opinion on how much something is worth and whether you think the auction closing bid is value for money. However we do not tolerate harrassment of sellers, such as calling them scalpers or scammers.

    -Image size is not always something we are overly strict on, but please resize your images when you can so the forum flows better and we don't end up with a threads width increasing dramatically. It makes browsing the threads more unpleasant for other users. As a guideline, try to make your images width no more than 500 pixels.

    -Please be sure to keep all trading and selling discussion in the Marketplace forums or via pm. Any posts that discuss a trade in a forum outside of the Marketplace area are liable for deletion by a moderator.

    Marketplace Content is in no way responsible for any transactions that take part via our forums. Any trades done are stictly at your own risk.

    -We do not directly intervene in any disputes. We will only ensure that the forum remains a pleasant place to visit for all our members and if we feel an individual is spoiling things for others in any way we will take action.

    -Please do not offer or link to any illegal bootlegged content of any kind at all. This includes VHS Videos, DVD's, VCD's, CD's or cassettes. It also extends to photocopied complete comics/annuals/novels or reproduction pieces of any kind. If you are referencing a particular page or image of a comic in your post etc.. then that IS allowed.

    -While we encourage trades between board members and discussion of items for sale on eBay, we'd prefer that members didn't post links to items at any other online stores, than those that affiliate with Our affiliates help keep our site online for all to use and enjoy. Any posts that actively advertise stores that are not affiliated with us are subject to deletion.

    Marketplace Guidelines:

    -Buyers: Make sure you ask for as much information as possible about an item. This includes the condition, pictures of item, shipping cost, payment methods accepted and if the seller has any kind of return policy. Also make sure you keep all email or private message correspondance to refer back to if need be.

    -Sellers: We insist that all items traded through the forums should be sent by a tracked and insured mail service. If your a seller and you do not send an item by insured mail then it will be down to you to refund the buyer should the item not arrive. Insurance isn't that much extra in many cases so there really isn't any reason not to use it. Also make sure you keep all email or private message correspondance to refer back to if need be.

    -In some cases a staff member of might act as a mediator to help solve any disputes. However this is totally down to the discretion of staff and depends on the situation at hand.

    The Great Void:

    This forum is designed to keep any political or controversial content under one roof. However this forum is not for posting extremely violent or explicit sexual content! If you think the thread will become heated then it belongs here.

    The Great Void forum is an hidden forum and only those who request to have access will be able to view it. If you would like to be able to gain access to this forum, please send a PM to either Blackiecats, He-fan or Mannyscollectibles
  2. He-Fan

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    IMPORTANT - links to uploads or downloads of the new ThunderCats episodes... (UPDATED)

    Hi everyone,

    Just a friendly note to everyone to ask, if you find any links to uploads or downloads of the new ThunderCats episodes, PLEASE don't post links to them on the forums, keep them to Private Message only.

    This includes both direct links to places where the episodes can be downloaded, and "Go on to YouTube and search for this" type posts.

    We're sorry to have be strict about this, but with the renewed interest in ThunderCats, we know that Warner Bros are monitoring this and other ThunderCats fan sites quite closely, and any links such as I mentioned above could get our site into trouble! :(

    Many thanks for your understanding about this, everyone. :)

    UPDATE: In answer to a couple of PM queries we've received about this - linking to short clips from the show that people post up on YouTube (e.g., videos that link to one short scene as a point of interest or suchlike) shouldn't cause any problems, the only real issue as far as we can see would be with links to full episode downloads. :)

    Take care... :)
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