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  1. Lulu-Berlu Reg

    Lulu-Berlu Reg Junior Member

    Thundercats collectors, rejoice! 25 years after the untimely cancellation of the original LJN line, Thundercats neo-vintage action-figures are returning, thanks to Barbarossa Art and Lulu-Berlu!

    Proudly presenting the third member in our line of custom LJN-styled Lunataks action figures, the beautiful but deadly, Chilla!

    We're half way through the ranks of the most vile warriors from the moons of Plundarr and we pulled out the stops for Chilla in both durability and aesthetics; she features:

    Original Sculpture & Tooling Head, Torso, Arms, Legs & Weapons!
    Made from durable, hand-cast “liquid plastic” resin!
    Legs, boots, arms, gloves, head, upper & lower torso all cast separately with hand-tinted coloring in order to maximize durability by limiting the number of painted surfaces!
    LJN-style cape material - real cloth!
    Original concept “Fire & Ice Moon Blades” inspired by her powers!
    Fully poseable with correct LJN articulation: Head, Arms, Legs!
    In scale with vintage female figures of Pumyra and Cheetara!
    Highly-detailed paint application of cosmetic details!
    Colors & Sculpting inspired by other LJN-interpretations of characters from the classic cartoon!
    Fits in perfectly with earlier series figures!
    Extremely limited edition for the adult collector, Chilla will ship in September of 2014.

    The ranks of the Lunataks from the Moons of Plundarr are growing!! All of the Lunataks - including Red Eye based on the original prototype will be included in this series.
    Extremely limited quantities, secure yours today!



  2. eternian phoeni

    eternian phoeni Moleman

    Very cool job! I like that you used the pumyra-ish stance. Could you post a pic of her next to a production figure for scale? For some reason she looks small to me.

    Also, would you consider making an alluro or a tugmug with the improved plastic you mentioned?
  3. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator TC.org Staff

    Fab fab fabulous!!!
  4. Mark / Grizzlor

    Mark / Grizzlor Site Director TC.org Staff

  5. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    What an excellent figure.
  6. AutobotC5

    AutobotC5 Junior Member


    Thanks for taking the time to respond to my questions in the other Lunatac threads. It makes me appreciate more the work that has gone into bringing them to market, and reinforces my decision to collect them. :)

    Chilla looks great! Your continuous improvement definitely shows here. That’s a clever approach with more molded-in-color parts for her. Did that increase your tooling cost, or did it stay consistent with your previous Lunatac figures? Seems like you could handle a higher tooling cost with the reduction in painting/processing time and materials for her.

    My preorder is in. Looking forward to this next figure, and the ones that follow! :)
  7. AutobotC5

    AutobotC5 Junior Member

    Hey Reg, you have a status update on Chilla for us? :)
  8. Lulu-Berlu Reg

    Lulu-Berlu Reg Junior Member

  9. Kitastrophe

    Kitastrophe Junior Member

    Hi! I am super interested in the customs you guys are making.
    I wanted to ask, do you have plans to make the entire Lunataks team? Any intentions around Mandora?
    Also, do you have a physical store in Paris? I ask because I plan on being in the city in spring.
  10. ThunDerianRoyalGuard

    ThunDerianRoyalGuard Site Admin TC.org Staff

    They have a shop in Paris, check out their site for details. I've bought some things from them in the past, they are reliable & friendly :)
  11. Lulu-Berlu Reg

    Lulu-Berlu Reg Junior Member

    Yes, we are going to make ALL of the Lunataks. Next will be Red Eye.
    As for Mandora, she is considered too. We have plans for her and many more characters. Their release will really depends on how the Lunataks will be received by collectors.
    In other words, If you buy'em, we'll make'em! :)
  12. AutobotC5

    AutobotC5 Junior Member

    Hey Reg, do you have a status update on the next release(s) for us? :confused: Been a while since your last update... :)

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