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    Hello. I have a few vintage LEGO Space sets for sale. They are all complete minus the extra parts after the build. Most of them have instructions. More space and pirates sets will be added later. Lots of great $5 sets. Also, I have 7 DC Bombshell statues. They have their boxes and inserts. Prices do not include shipping. Thank you!


    Pulsar Charger $5
    Beacon Tracer $5
    Vector Detector $15
    M-Tron Mini Figures (x4) $5

    Blacktron II

    Galactic Scout $5
    Scout Patrol Ship $5
    Tri-Wheeled Tyrax $5

    Space Police II

    Solar Snooper w/two extra Mini Figures $50
    Sonar Security $5


    Saucer Scout $5
    Recon Robot $15
    Robo Guardian $50


    Hovertron $5
    Alien Fossilizer $5
    Planetary Decoder $15
    Nebula Outpost $15

    DC Bombshells

    Supergirl $75
    Stargirl $75
    Lois Lane $75
    Mera $75
    Batwoman $75
    Wonder Woman $60 (two minor paint scuffs on the stand)
    Hawkgirl $50 (end of left exhaust chipped)
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