Funko has no future plans for Thundercats

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  1. Booshman

    Booshman Thunderian Legend

    I would not fancy a CG cartoon in the vein of the latest Batman and TMNT cartoon. 2D would be my preference.
  2. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    First off I would prefer 2D animation but I would be fine with CG if it was done good.

    As for a toy company making Classics, I personally would be fine with almost any company doing it as long as they got the main cast and a few villains done before abandoning it.
    But realistically here are my opinions on various companies if they got the licence:

    Mattel- A lot of fans would want this for the MOTU connection not to mention there is already a wealth of parts already created they could use so they would have less tool costs for sculpting new parts for more unique figures. My only real gripe would be dealing with all the crap with Toyguru, Matty Collector and Digital River. But if it meant we got Classics so be it.

    Playmates- I think they would do an pretty good job based on their TMNT Classics, but my biggest concern would be the release time frame between figures. Also Playmates quality with paint and scale has been a bit of a problem.

    Diamond Select- Would be my ideal choice for line. Based on the quality of their Marvel Select figures they would do an awesome job. The figures would be in scale (especially the larger and bulkier figures), lots o articulation, great sculpting and paint work with plenty of accessories, display bases.

    NECA- Again much like Diamond they would be in scale, plenty of accessories, great sculpting and paint. My only concerns with NECA are their quality control and the chance they might not finish the line like they have done with other properties like TMNT and Street Fighter. Neca seem to have sorted out QC problems though as I haven't really heard anything bad about their more recent products. Also they seem to be getting the most out of the licences they acquire now.

    Bandai- It would be nice in some ways for them to make more in the 8" scale they have already done but they would need drastic improvements regarding paint and plastic used.

    Hasbro- I doubt this would happen but so Marvel Legends scale figures would be nice.

    Funko- If they were doing some like their Game of Thrones figures they would be pretty good but the QC would need to improve.

    Mezco- I have no real experience with their products, but looking at their upcoming Batman The Dark Knight figures, some Thundercats done like that would be amazing.

    Jakks- There is a chance they could maybe do a good job, but they would need to do a better job making the figures in scale than they did with their wrestling figures.

    That's pretty much the only toy companies that come to mind that I think could do a good job.
    So my choices would be:
    1. Diamond Select.
    2. NECA.
    3. Mattel.
  3. T-Cat

    T-Cat Mutant

    Good choices! My ideal choice would be Playmates for the master toy license. The way they handled the play sets for TMNT is a BIG plus in my book and you can count on them making new products for the public.

    The best part is Thundercats would not have all them silly variants like the turtles lines ^^
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  4. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I wouldn't be against it but as I said the time for release between waves of figures would need to be improved vastly.

    I wouldn't be a big fan of variants but some variants of some figures would be nice, like red Lion-O, invisible Tygra and spirit Jaga and Grune. Maybe if Thundercats had had more variants of characters maybe it would give some more marketing appeal like an armoured up Lion-O or a steal/ninja Panthro and camouflage Tygra. Although that would be for a full toyline based on a cartoon not a Classics line, I wouldn't want variants in it.
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  5. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    How about Mcfarlane toys??
  6. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    We have been saying we don't want anymore statues LOL.
    Most of their products whilst nicely sculpted and painted are really lacking in the articulation department.
  7. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    I'd rather not have Playmates do ThunderCats. They do a great job on the main cast, but for side characters or villains they really cut corners. Especially with articulation and sometimes paint aps. Can you imagine a Monkian that has the articulation of DogPound? He can't even bend his elbows! And don't get me started on scale.
  8. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I can't say about the Classics Rocksteady and Beebop as I never owned them. However I do agree about the 5" line. The quality on that line has been really hit and miss. I can excuse the lack of articulation on some figures but the scale and lack of paint really ruins them. Leatherhead and Dogpound suffered the worst scale wise and could have done with better paint. When I collected the 2012 line Leatherhead was the figure I was most excited to get but he turned out to be one of the worst in the line.
  9. T-Cat

    T-Cat Mutant

    Interesting points! But the overall quality of the line is great and the sense of security for the TMNT line is the major seller there! Don't forget their play sets are top of the line as well!

    I also think if they were to do a ThunderCats line they would really pay attention to detail and scale unlike with this current turtle line their doing.

    What other toy line could give us all of that?
  10. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Don't get me wrong it is a good line but I suppose it's just cheaper making them all a standard size to fit the packaging etc.
    But Dogpound and some other really could have done with better paint.
    I never got any of the 2012 playsets but the big Sewer Lair playset looked really good....a lot better than the Tower of Omens playset LOL.

    But again that is talking of the main line as if they were doing a 5" line based on the OS or NS. I think they would do a good job on Classics in the 6"-8" scale.
  11. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    I know they get over-hyped sometimes, but I'd like to see the Four Horsemen's take on the ThunderCats. They did a great job with He-Man IMO and I see their Gothitropolis Ravens line and can't help but think they'd do a good job. Though I'd kinda want to see them tackle the NS as well because they seem to be really good at animal themed characters and the NS had more animal themed designs than the OS.

    This figure here can give you an idea of what their Vultureman might look like:
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  12. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    The Horsemen can be over-hyped especially on the MOTUC figures but when you see the work they done on the Raven and those Seventh Kingdom (I think that's what they were called) figures you can see the praise is well earned.
    I don't doubt for a minute if they had full control and didn't have to work through Mattel they could do absolutely stunning work on Thundercats. Also in my personal opinion the Thundercats characters have far more interesting and unique designs compared to MOTU.
  13. T-Cat

    T-Cat Mutant

    Very Neat! I have been a fan of their work since they did the 200x MOTU line, they should form up and re-create "LJN" styled figures :)

    Only if they can partner up with Playmates Toys for the sculpts!

    I remember FH saying they would love to get to do ThunderCats if given a chance!
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  14. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I don't know what the 4H's contract with Mattel is like but in the past the did sculpts for NECA so maybe they could work on another line for another company.
  15. CasuallyDressed

    CasuallyDressed New Member

    So that's it then, no Tygra Funko? That really sucks. I would've preferred Tygra over Mumm-Ra. Then season 1 could've been the good guys, and season 2 the bad guys: Mumm-Ra, Ma-Mutt, Slithe, Jackalman and Monkian. Then maybe season 3 could've been the extra Cats: Jaga, Wileykit, Wileykat, Bengali and Pumyra.

    So many great characters available and to miss out my favourite Cat is heartbreaking really. It could've been a 2014 SDCC exclusive. #107, Tygra. Instead we get a flocked (whatever that means) Lion-O.

  16. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    At least PrototypeZ Studios has the "ThunderCats" license.
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  17. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    This is somewhat unrelated but Diamond Select recently announced they are producing Ghostbusters figures as part of their Select line. The four Ghostbusters and a 24" Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.
    What is interesting is that Diamond were able to get the licence to do these figures while Mattel still owns some rights to produce Ghostbusters figures. This might be down to Mattel not making movie based figures anymore and concentrating on the Real Ghostbusters animated series.
    Since Mattel doesn't seem to be interested, I honestly can't understand why WB and Diamond haven't come to a deal to make Thundercats as part of the Select line. Surely the Thundercats licence can't cost anywhere near as much as Ghostbusters. :confused:
  18. Vivek

    Vivek Great Void Dweller

    Mattel has made all the possible combinations of GB movie figures they could and now released combo packs at reduced prices. Hence they are moving on to the animated series.

    If I am not mistaken Mattel did 6" figures, while DST will be 7" figures. Not a huge difference in scale, but DST's likeness and paint job on the figures will make them stand apart from the Mattel counterparts.

    GB is a more popular franchise than ThunderCats and with the upcoming reboot in the works GB will continue to get more products based on the classic movies.
  19. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Ghostbusters has always been a popular franchise for selling products so I can't imagine the Thundercats licence costing as much.
    The Select Ghostbusters should be far superior to the figures Mattel made judging by their other Select figures.
  20. Vivek

    Vivek Great Void Dweller

    Since not many companies have gone after the ThunderCats license in the last two decades, I wonder if WB only grants the license at a very high price to begin with.

    Merged Post:

    Just learned from one of the Funko representatives on their forum that Mattel made a deal with DST. Mattel are still the license holders for GB toys.

    And apparently Funko tried to approach Mattel so they can work out a deal for their ReAction line, but Mattel refused. So looks like Mattel has the GB master toy license and though they are not likely to make any 3 3/4" movie figures, they won't let Funko do it either.
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