Future of ThunderCats Toys And A Look Back

Discussion in 'Mezco and Bandai Toys' started by Vivek, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Vivek

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    It's from 2011 and I hadn't heard that either. But it was quite hilarious. Thanks for bringing it up. I recommend all to give it a listen around the 31 minute mark as T-Cat mentioned.

    The host talks about 80s toys being revived and mentions several franchises. Scott reminds him by stating "Don't forget Voltron and ThunderCats". And Scott then talks about the Bandai line for sometime, then gets back to that original topic of 80s toys and mentions Lion-O, Luke Skywalker, Duke, He-Man etc.

    Scott is foremost a collector himself and obviously has fondness for ThunderCats. He is the ideal person equipped to handle this property well.

    Scott is currently not available on Twitter or Facebook, at least I couldn't find him.

    Fans or TCL needs to formally invite him to join this forum and he can see there is an active fanbase here, who will be their potential consumers if he gets Jakks to pursue the ThunderCats license.
  2. Why should fans rally for Jakks Pacific specifically to pursue a ThunderCats license? I would much rather have ThunderCats figures by Mattel and the Four Horseman than Jakks Pacific.
  3. Vivek

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    It was Scott who was largely the brains behind MattyCollector that led to the MOTUC line. And he is a big ThunderCats fan and now he works for Jakks Pacific, that's why.

    Yeah Mattel and Four Horsemen would be cool too, but I don't think that's going to happen considering Mattel will continue to focus on their existing licenses.

    Jakks is also very unlikely for now, but I am going to wait and find out.

    For anyone else who is open to the idea of Jakks doing ThunderCats, well I've addressed the fan interest for new ThunderCats toys with Scott. He now knows about this site/forum (including this thread).

    Maybe after the holidays, he will chime in here or maybe he won't. Either ways, I am not losing hope just yet.
  4. Daremonger

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    You're a good man, Vivek.
  5. That is not entirely accurate.

    1. Being a fan of a property does not necessarily make one well-suited to work on it. Case in point, Dan Norton is a "big ThunderCats fan," yet the 2011 animated series has mixed reviews.

    2. One being a fan of a property and in a position to pursue a license on behalf of a company is certainly pragmatic, but what good is it for the company to be awarded the license if it is not the best company for the job?
  6. Vivek

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    According to me, the best company for the job is NECA. But they are not playing ball. I mentioned it on page 1 and page 7, they already confirmed (thrice), that they are not interested.

    I contacted few other companies and some already confirmed they wouldn't pursue it and some didn't even respond.

    I understand if you feel Jakks is not at all suitable for making ThunderCats toys and you probably still want Mattel to do it. That's fine.

    But let's avoid the mindset that if not Mattel, nobody else is better suited for it, which I think is little shortsighted. If some major announcements take place in NYTF in regards to ThunderCats, then all this becomes a moot point. Hooray for all of us.

    Until then, I am waging my support towards Jakks in hopes that they acquire the license. If they confirm they are not interested, I will move on to another company just like what I have been doing past several months now.
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  7. T-Cat

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    Cool! Did Scott give you any answers or feedback besides knowing about this forum or could he get into details if he wanted too regarding the Cats?
  8. Vivek

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    Nope, nothing else at the moment. I hope that changes after January.

    Merged Post:
    Found the link I was looking for. Have a read through the above page.

    The Horsemen were obviously the ones who did the design and sculpts from the start. But it was Scott's ideas that was the basis for the MOTUC line in the first place.
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  9. Mark M

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    Got to agree with you on this 100%.

    It's not as if it was that amazing of an idea. Just remakes of the classic figures with better sculpts and articulation. Something various companies had already done.
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  10. Vivek

    Vivek Great Void Dweller

    Right, it was not an all out original amazing idea itself. And of course there were other people involved, but he was still the driving force behind that idea for MOTUC from the start nonetheless.

    But if fans just want to attribute only the problems of Matty to Scott and do not wish to give him credit for its success and creation, by all means continue to do so.

    And it's not like the company Jakks has put out some subpar ThunderCats prototypes, that warrants disapproval at this stage.

    If a company releases a product, and after seeing production pieces one is not pleased about it, then make the decision through your wallet by not buying it.

    But no, let's write off and reject that company right away before it's given a chance. Way to go people.

    After all we will have another half dozen companies waiting to nab the ThunderCats license. I am just being gullible by supporting a company for the heck of it.
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  11. T-Cat

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    I agree! Why do I get the feeling a toy company will get the license just in time for TF2015 and a new series will follow in the fall?

    I remember CN saying " When they make a official announcement about the 2011 series" they will let us know! (Concerning the future of ThunderCats).

    Now my gut feelings say when that statement was announced in 2012, they been planning for a different series all together....

    WB does not have to reveal every detail to the public! They may want to surprise us fans:)
  12. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I have no problem with Jakks getting the licence. Jakks are capable of making great figures. In fact just look at some of the great figures they did for the WWE Classics Superstars, which they started back in 2004 and had great success with until they lost the licence to Mattel.
    Mattel was a great company that made some of the best toys of the 80's but in the last decade or more their quality and business decisions have gone down hill, so Mattel would not be my first choice.
  13. Vivek

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    If anyone wants Mattel or any other company to do ThunderCats toys, then I suggest please voice your opinions louder across the internet. We can't just assume all toy company people know the demand and popularity of ThunderCats, when they will have hundreds of other franchise licenses to choose from for their products every year.

    Make a thread/post on the Matty forum or that company's forum/FB/Twitter page, contact their customer service. Find out who is their marketing/PR person and try to get in touch with them. Be more proactive about it. I too will support it then.

    Until then, I am campaigning for Jakks cause Scott is working for them and I still think he is the right man for the job.

    Perhaps consider doing your bit by actively supporting your choice of company, besides mere disapproving another company.
  14. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Just so we are clear I didn't say Scott was the wrong man for the job. I just agreed that sometimes being a fan of something doesn't make you right for the job, like Dan Norton on the 2011 series.
    Scott is a MOTU fan and regardless of Matty,public relations, etc, he achieved his goal and got all the vintage figures produced.
  15. Vivek

    Vivek Great Void Dweller

    Sure thing Mark, I understand. Also my follow up comments were in relation to the prior posts in general and wasn't really directed at you.

    Another example is Mark Steven Johnson who was a huge fan of Daredevil but that enthusiasm didn't necessarily translate well for the movie adaptation.

    Either ways, I am sure there are many who wouldn't be too pleased with neither Jakks nor Scott overseeing the ThunderCats license. But I guess we just have to wait and find out what happens.
  16. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    As I said Scott did get all the vintage figures out as he said they would do and Jakks have a pretty good record when you consider how many Classic Superstars figures from the 70's, 80's and early 90's they made. There was only a few they couldn't make due to legal problems with some wrestlers and their standing with the company at the time.
    So with that track record I wouldn't mind either handling the licence.
  17. A company is not going to pursue a license because you started a thread on a message board, made a post on Facebook, sent a Tweet, or made a general nuisance of yourself by calling the customer service department or virtually stalking the marketing and public relations director.

    A company is going to pursue a license because the property is a proven success, is already on the company radar, and they think it can be successfully exploited for profit.
  18. Cap'n Cracka

    Cap'n Cracka Mutant

    While it is fun to discuss our ideas and hopes of who should put out Thundercats figures, that's really all it is; our hopes & dreams. Mumm-Ra_The Ever-living is right, companies are only going to pursue a license of a successful property or a property they think they can make successful. Unfortunately, there have been too many failed lines for Thundercats in the last few years for any company to take a chance. Every one that has get the license has ended up cancelling the line because of lack of interest. We can blame it on WB and CN for their poor handling of the NS because yes if that was handled better lines would have been more successful. But the problem is, no one is buying the lines that are put out and that just shows companies there is not enough support from the fan base. We can argue that the lines that we are getting like Hard Hero statues, Icon Heroes statues, & Mezco are all too expensive but there is still little to no interest in cheaper lines such as the Minimates and Funko lines. Funko figures are one of the hottest items out there right now and still the Thundercats figures were not a hot item among collectors. We can write emails all day long but the numbers that are needed for that to persuade a company to do something would be in the thousands. The site admins here would be able give a better insight as to the unique hits this site gets a day but unless its in the thousands, or 10's of thousands, we are just going to have to hope a company wants to risk losing money on a license that has not produced a successful item line in several recent attempts. I'm not saying it will not happen, because it is only a matter of time before before some company thinks that they do something no other company has but i'd say it's going to be a little while. And we as the fan base need to aggressively support it. The bigger the sales numbers the bigger and more wide spread the interest.
  19. Daremonger

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    Well said, Cap'n.
  20. T-Cat

    T-Cat Mutant

    The Mezco ThunderCats line was the only line I cared about! CN has gone through a big change over the years by getting better personnel that focuses on CARTOONS! WB has gone through a positive overhaul as well so things are looking bright.

    Advertisement is key for the success of ThunderCats, so it would be pointless to have new product without a new series/movie because this is a new generation and while it's painful to say a lot of people just don't know about ThunderCats.

    OH! Whatever happen to the ThunderCats model kits for 2014? Even though the idea sounds like another cancelled line due to the outrageous price, I wanted to see them at least.

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