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    Yesterday I was cleaning out my closet and I stumbled upon an unexpected find. An old Thundercats Star Comic translated in Greek! I checked out its release date, it was published in July 1989. The book format is TPB in a collection of 3 consecutive issues. The pages are a bit worn and yellowed by age but still legible. I was really surprised founding it, since I don’t remember having any Thundercats old comics, let alone printed in Greek! The story starts from issue 76, though I hardly believe the previous were put out in a regular basis and followed the chronological order of the original Star comics. The first issue’s title is “A world in Chaos: Judgment Day” and a brief synopsis is that Mumm-Ra has cast a magic spell at the map of Third Earth which is causing seismic earthquakes and large explosion wreaking havoc to the four corners of the planet, his devious plan is to completely destroy Third Earth and take total control as a new Fourth Earth rises from the ashes. Thundecats learn from Jaga, the only way to thwart Mumm-Ra’s scheme is by charting the whole territory and replace the destroyed by the evil wizard map with a new one.
    Maybe our comic book expert, Chris could have a look at the scanned pages below and if these ring any bells, let us know if they belong to the UK Marvel or American (Star) Marvel series. The Cover bears the imprint of Star comics but if that’s the case and they followed the American publication, it’s impossible to have reached issue 76, as the Thundercats in US ended in #24. Probably a mix-up!

    This is the Trade's outer cover, the green word across the emblem says Thundercats!


    The cover of issue 76


    The first page of issue 76, the title in the yellow box reads: "A world in Chaos: Judgement Day"


    Jaga instructs Lion-o what to do


    The Cover of issue 77


    Check out the creators at the bottom of the page


    The cover of the last issue 78, is missing, i must have had it cut as a kid to place it against a wall as a poster! I used to do that a lot :liono. Here is an advertisement for the comics, the words in pink say: The acclaimed TV series

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  2. He-Fan

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    Chris here...

    What a fantastic find! :)

    Those are all reprinted stories from the UK ThunderCats comic - the "World in Chaos" storyline was actually one of the most original and memorable that they came up with! :)

    Also note that the credits along the bottom of one of these show that the story in question was written by Simon Furman - Simon is now regarded as probably the definitive writer of anything Transformers related, which stems from his work on the UK Transformers comic, but he also worked on a number of other titles for Marvel UK, including ThunderCats! :)

    The only thing that originates from the US comic is the artwork that's used to accompany the advert for the comic - it's an extract from the front cover of Issue #4 of the US comic! :) However, like all the US Marvel/Star Comics, it was reprinted in the UK ThunderCats comic too, specifically in Issues 3 & 4! :)

    Take care... :)
  3. Lordore

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    Thanks for the great info Chris:thumbsup: You are the man!

    Unfortunatelly i don't have the rest of the comics and i don't know enough about the issue to form an opinion but i was surprised to read in the last chapter that Cheetara gets imprisoned in the Snow Castle of Hook Mountain by the Snowpeople who ask her in exchange, in order to release her and help save Tygra who has fallen in the bottomless casem, to get rid of some vultures using her lightning speed. The king of the Snowmen i think is called "Hanuman" (if the Greek translation is accurate) seems kind of hostile towards the Thundercats. But in the episode Lord of the Snows, after a short fight between Lion-o and Snowman, who rules over the Kingdom of Snowmen, and his pet Snowmeow they became good friends and allies.Thundercats provided assistance to Snowman and vice versa throught the original series.
    Maybe the UK comics had taken on a new turn!

    Also i read an interesting point from jaga concerning the past of Third Earth and how through the passing of many eons and natural evolution the First Eart became Second and finally Third

    About the Greek publication of Thundercats, it has raised me a question about other foreign translations. It would shed some light if fans from countries outside Uk and US are aware of their existance and let us know,like Vivek from India or Dave has gathered any resources on this subject while writing the book.
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  4. He-Fan

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    Chris here...

    Yeah, Marvel UK applied some very unique concepts to a lot of the ThunderCats mythos, including the Snowman (or in their case, Snowmen) of Hook Mountain - and yep, his name was Hanuman! :)

    Marvel also showed several different Vulturemen, in the same way that there were other Reptillians, Jackalmen and Monkians shown in the TV series (but only one Vultureman ever shown) - however, I believe I'm correct in saying that this is a concept that originally appeared in an issue of the US Marvel comic before turning up in the UK! :)

    Take care... :)
  5. aewsmith

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    I also remember in the thundercats bible reading a bit about how the vulturemen were already on third earth, which would mean they weren't really apart of the original mutant band, and that the vulturemen were long time enemies of the snowmen or people.

    Course none of this was explored on the show.
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    Awesome find, you definitely don't see that everyday.
  7. Lordore

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    Aside from the issue of Thundercats comics translated into foreign languages another matter which has piqued my curiosity is the number of countries the cartoon was dubbed over?

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