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    This is just the Tcats stuff I have. I have a complete haves and wants in the misc. marketplace here:


    Tigra (rare "young" variant) - compl. w/extremely minor paint wear on Tigra & minor paint wear on Wilykat
    Tigra - rare "young" variant - minor paint wear on body w/whip
    Wilykat (articulated version) - minor paint wear
    Slythe - compl. & NM w/slight rattle
    Slythe - compl. w/minor paint wear
    Ravage aka Ma-Mutt (articulated version) - mint
    Snarf (articulated version) - NM
    Mumm-Ra - some discoloration, minor paint wear, w/helmet, dagger & Ravage aka Ma-Mutt
    Mumm-Ra - figure only w/major wear & helmet
    Vultureman - w/minor paint wear

    Hachiman x1 - minor paint wear
    Rataro x1 - NM

    Grune - mace
    Mumm-Ra - mummy staff
    Panthro - blue nunchaka half
    Mini Lion-O Sword of Omens
    Mini Slythe axe

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