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    I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts about or creative awnsers to the question: Where did BenGali get the Hammer Of ThunDera? He didnt take it with him from ThunDera, so where did it come from? I know it's a cartoon, with continuity errors, and there probably isnt a canonical awnser, but I thought maybe we could get to a satisfying hypotheses.

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  2. ButterflyBoy

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    I always assumed that he modified and and then gave a name to the hammer he took from the thundrilium mine in "Mumm-Ra Lives! Part II". After using it, he puts the hammer in one of his straps and, I think, the next time we see him he's using the Hammer of Thundera to reforge the Sword of Omens. I'd have to check to be 100% certain, but I don't think we see the hammer on his person before that scene.

    Something I've always wanted to know for certain is - does the hammer have big hole in it's head or not? In episodes like "Vultureman's Revenge" and "Thundercubs Part IV" we can clearly see it does, but then in other episodes like "Together We Stand" it is completely solid.
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    A very good question, and one that I have to admit never occurred to me before. I guess the question could also be extended to include the origins of Lynx-O's Light Shield and Pumyra's Sling.

    Well as you said that the new ThunderCats didn't bring these with them from Thundera. And it seems unlikely that Jaga gave it to them, given his current "condition". ;) So my best logical guess would be that the ThunderCats (mainly Panthro) helped them to build these new weapons. The TCats did build a giant version of Lynx-O's Shield in "Ma-Mutt's Confusion". So I guess it is logical to assume that they may have built the three weapons too.

    Bengali's Hammer in particular seemed to have many abilities. It could act like a hammer and be used to forge metals, but it also shot out lasers as well as exploding pellets. I guess it could be compared to Panthro's Nunchucks which also could do many things. And he was also able to repair those after that Crabman snapped one in two.
  4. Tygra_Rules

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    Thing is, Bengali's hammer (the "Hammer of Thundera"... Seriously?) seemed to have been with him right from the start. How did a Thunderian commoner got it? Even when he was a blacksmith and all that, he should have had a regular hammer and the Hammer of Thundera, with all its great properties and abilities, should have been handed to, I don't know, a Royal Blacksmith or something like that.

    The sling seemed more like a regular weapon for Pumyra to hold, she could have "built" it once in Third Earth; it wasn't the "Sling of Thundera". As for Lynx-O's shiled, I think it was somehow given to him by Lion-O one he annointed them (I dion't remember the shield being present in the "ThunderCats Ho!" arc. Was it? Maybe Lion-O could make it appear like Jaga made the other TCs' clothes and weapons appear out of nothing (not considering that it seemed Jaga knew some magic, while Lion-O not).

    All that said, I always found the hammer as the most usless, non-sense weapon of all them.
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  5. adssse

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    I always went with the notion that Panthro and Tygra designed/built the new weapons. I don't remember any abilities these weapons possessed that seems beyond the Thundercats engineering abilities based on what we have seen from Cats Lair, ToO and even Lynx-O's Braille Board which we know they built.

    Now that it's been mentioned I do find it interesting that the hammers head was sometimes used practically (solid) while other times being a gun (hallow).
  6. Tygra_Rules

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    Even if Panthro and Tygra built those weapons, why "Hammer of Thundera"?

    I always understood it was a special hammer that has existed for a long time and Bengali has always had it. How did he get it if not? It's not like Tygra and Panthro designed and built such hammer that could even fix the SoO; if they could do that, they would have built it long time ago. And if it was an already existent weapon, how did Bengali get it?
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  7. ButterflyBoy

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    Its worth noting that Bengali only referred to it as the "Hammer of Thundera" once in "Together We Stand" and then in "Mossland Monster" he calls it the "mighty Hammer of Bengali". I wonder which one, if either, was the "official" name from the writers.
  8. Daremonger

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    I prefer calling it the Hammer of Thundera.
  9. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    Thats a good point. It does fix the SoO and if the Thundercats could design a tool that could fix it, why wouldnt they previously have? However Char also fixed the SoO and I dont consider his flying furnace to have mystical properties. I believe Bengali fixing it with the hammer may have more to do with his blacksmith abilities.
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  10. LiamABC

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    I've never thought about this before. Could he have made it while they were on that island before the events of Thundercats Ho?
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  11. Mark M

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    I think Bengali probably designed and made the Hammer himself. He is a blacksmith after all so it seems natural he would create his own weapon. I would assume it was made after they became Thundercats as they didn't seem to have many supplies and tools on the island.
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  12. adssse

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    I would lean towards it being made after they are Thundercats. On the island they were using primitive weapons to defend themselves against the Berserkers. If they could build the hammer I would think they could do better than shooting rocks. Also Bengali isn't shown with the hammer while captured so it seems like it would have been left on the island or confiscated by the Berserkers.

    Does anyone own the scripts that may contain some unaired clues?
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