Hard Hero working on Cheetara next

Discussion in 'Modern Collectables' started by Mark / Grizzlor, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. salvatore

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    The statue of Lion-O looks awesome...finally something new to display. However......according to the site the statue is available in the USA only. So that leaves me having to pay probably twice the retail price of the statue on EBAY. That is if any of the 200 copies even make it there. I'm not trying to sound negative when the release of any T-cat item is good news, but a run of only 200 !?!? WTF. I get the whole limited issue run bringing up the value and scarcity of the statue philosophy...but 200 isn't even enough to satisfy the need of this forums members. They could just as easily produced 1000 pcs. and sold them at $250 and they would still easily sell out. I'm very frustrated that this good news isn't really good news since the likelihood of me getting my hands on one of these is probably zilch. Just my two cents...three cents canadian.

  2. Vivek

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    200 is not the final edition number. 200 is most likely only for Artist Proof. There will be more, my guess is atleast 300 regular (non AP), total of 500.

    Artist Proof with signature is limited to 100. Artist Proof without signature hasn't been given an edition number, but is probably 100 as well.

    And you can pre-order on the following sites who offer international shipping to Canada.




    Also read this other thread where there have been discussions about ordering the statue and the edition size.
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  3. Lord LionO

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    Anyone know anything about Cheetara's update? Its been weeks and still nothin? I can't wait to get a glimpse of her already :)
  4. Lordore

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    I think it's too early for Cheetara's statue photos. Lion-o is still in production and her first pics probably will come right after Lion-o's release. I was wondering and if anyone is aware plz let me know becuz i am trying to save some money,do you know the most probable release date of Lion-0 statue? The official is March 2010, at the recent interview they hinted earlier but i've also read news for much sooner this December 2009

    Thanks a lot!
  5. Lord LionO

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  6. Lordore

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    Really i wasn't expecting Cheetara's statue pics so soon! Hard Hero has surprised us and it looks like 2010 will be a dominat years for Thundercats merchandise related items. On the other hand, i have to admit as opposed to Lion-o's case this last statue lacks quality. I totally agree with the majority of the forum's members that especially the face needs remodelling. It fells short of conveying the sparkle and delicacy in Cheetara's countenance. Fortunately, as stated there will be some necessary improvements and i belive the final product will be much better. The remaining body and stance are good but the colour seems to be a bit murky on her clothes and boots, if you notice the caption momemt from the opening scene Cheetara's background standing on top of the hill is sunless and overcast, giving so a darker tone on her costume. But her regular colour is much brighter and makes great antithesis with her blonde spotted-yellow hair. Anyway we shall see what the future has in store for us...:lionomad:
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    I'm just grateful that we're getting new Thundercats product. But, that doesn't mean that I'll blindly buy anything that anyone puts out. Hopefully they'll improve the Cheetara statue quite a bit before she appears on shelves.

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