Has anyone seen a Tower of Omens playset in the wild yet?

Discussion in 'Mezco and Bandai Toys' started by Zucot, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Zucot

    Zucot Junior Member

    Is this releasing later due to its size?
  2. Kameinu

    Kameinu Mutant

    No idea. The warehouse that distributes to my TRU hasn't gotten it in. But it's in TRU's systems.
  3. Cheezey

    Cheezey Laser Beast

    In the Toys R Us I was in today, there was an empty space on the shelf for a $39.99 Thundercats "playset" that I'm hoping was that. Whatever the store had was sold out, though.
  4. Kameinu

    Kameinu Mutant

    Nope. My store is also asking for it in the layout. Two spaces for it. Yet the company hasn't odered it yet for my region. >_>

    It's one of those stupid cases in which they expect us to leave an empty space for a toy we have no idea when it will come in favor of all the merchandis we have outback that NEEDS to be put on floor. 8D
  5. Mumm-Ra

    Mumm-Ra Vortex Explorer

    Ship date is September
  6. Shimey013

    Shimey013 Junior Member

    I work at Toys R Us and we dont have it planogrammed yet... that being said, we didnt have any of the toys planogrammed when they came in.

    Also I saw at walmart a price tag for $39.96 for a dlux playset (assuming thats that tower of omens)
  7. TheCollector

    TheCollector Glass Walker

    Nope, I haven't seen anything in the wild yet.
  8. jonwes

    jonwes Active Member

    From the He-man.org message board:

  9. Kameinu

    Kameinu Mutant

    What state?

    Check the CSIS and see if th DC ordered them. Last time I did the DC for my region hadn't ordered the Tower of Omens, yet we had it on our planogram.
  10. cloudraker19

    cloudraker19 Crabman

    Holy crap this is cool. I really hope it sells well, because I would REALLY like to see some more playsets, even maybe a classics Cats Lair? Tower of Omens? Maybe the Mutant's castle Plundarr? oh the possibilities...
  11. AlexofThundera

    AlexofThundera Plun-Darr Legend

    Some of the websites do state pre-orders shipping in late August so hopefully we will start to see them out soon. The Tower and Grune is all I am missing for my collection.
  12. Shimey013

    Shimey013 Junior Member

    I will check that tomorrow when im at work...i havent had time the past couple weeks to check cause i've been doing resets :/
  13. GK Punk

    GK Punk Formerly Astrokreep

    Toys R Us in Stockton CA has them in stock actually. I wasn't too impressed when I saw it though.
  14. He Man

    He Man New Member

    The Walmart near me has 2 on order. When I see them ill post it.
  15. dammagededdie

    dammagededdie Junior Member

    I'm with you, it doesn't look like much for the price. The invisible Tygra is cool, but it's not worth 39.99. I wish there was more to it. Don't know if I'll be purchasing this.
  16. Shimey013

    Shimey013 Junior Member

    And thats what i fear... I Really hope my mom still have my original cat's lair. I will just clean that up
  17. marcandmag

    marcandmag New Member

    Based on the pictures there just doesn't seem to be too much to it, especially for the price. If I spend that much on something, it should be fairly substantial...
  18. Snarf25

    Snarf25 Active Member

    You Are Right They Are Here In My Local Toys R Us As Well! This Play set Is Not That Cool As The Cats Lair I Think I Will Not Purchase This Play-set..
  19. Shimey013

    Shimey013 Junior Member

    Looked today at work...

    None at distribution yet... Quite a few pending orders though...

    So I dunno when TRU will be getting them in.
  20. jonwes

    jonwes Active Member

    I'm waiting to see what people's in-hand pics look like, but I'll admit I'm not at all impressed by what I've seen so far.

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