Has anyone seen a Tower of Omens playset in the wild yet?

Discussion in 'Mezco and Bandai Toys' started by Zucot, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. GK Punk

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    Random pic I took of it at TRU
  2. champion

    champion New Member

    Anybody able to help a boardie out and pick one of these up, im willing to cover cost and shipping and $15 bucks for your time if possible. There not in canada :(
  3. User897

    User897 Junior Member

    Agreed. So far it just looks like a pile of sticks that you can't even bring together to make a decent playset. I'd really like to see some in-hand pics too.
  4. king kahn

    king kahn Junior Member

    yeah, so far a bunch of people have actually seen the tower but no one has bought it yet. Not a good (sword of) Omen for the playset lol
  5. User897

    User897 Junior Member

    Yeah, this item will end up in clearance. I just hope it doesn't keep them from trying a playset again in the future, hopefully Mumm-Ra's lair.
  6. Copperkid

    Copperkid Vortex Explorer

    I'm not in love with it but I am going to buy it to at least support it and the line so that it continues hopefully. If no one buys it, they're probably not going to make more, I know I wouldn't. Can't we wait until we see it on the show before we hate it? Maybe it's very accurate. Or perhaps chalk this one up to it being they're first playset, maybe the next one will blow you away.
  7. Cheezey

    Cheezey Laser Beast

    I plan on buying two if I can ever find them in stock. One to open and one to keep boxed, like I have the rest of the figures. Every Toys R Us I've been to lately has a spot for them, but are out of stock.
  8. Lilith

    Lilith Active Member

    It's a gate and a tower with some cool action features and accessories. Not bad for $39.99. It's nice for what it is and it's cool that there is even a playset at all. It's kind of rare to see toylines get playsets or even vehicles these days.

    Hopefully we will get an actual Cat's Lair and Mumm-Ra Tomb later on in the line.
  9. Shimey013

    Shimey013 Junior Member

    I'm probably going to pick one up.. Just to complete my set. Grant it I dont think it's as cool as Cat's Lair, but with the current toy line it's a decent addition. I don't know bout the $40 price tag though, i just hope the projection system is solid instead of some weak barely visible image it projects. If it projects a solid image that could be cool.
  10. santiam

    santiam New Member

    Was there ever a Tower of Omens in the original '80s line, or is this new for the 2011 line?
  11. Cougar

    Cougar Crabman

    No there never was. Would have been cool though.
  12. jonwes

    jonwes Active Member

    I hate to play backseat toy designer, but here's what I've liked to have seen in the Tower of Omens playset. Until we see it in the show, it's hard to say what Bandai had to work with design-wise but my main beef with the playset is it's shrimpiness and it's lack of play features. Of course, in the real world toy designers have to deal with rising materials and labor costs, the fact that retail doesn't have much interest in stocking huge items and the relative failure of the majority of playsets these days. I have no such constraints.

    So, made it a bit larger overall and added:

    • Collapsing Columns

    • A larger, taller, central tower with a control room so the elevator actually has somewhere to go.

    • More substantial base pieces.

    • A connecting track. You could either connect the two pieces together (as shown) or connect a launcher in as well so that you could launch the included vehicle out the doors.

    We could keep the light-up signal at the top... and the slide feature if desired. Then on top of that I'd hope for a paint job that had more texture and weathering. We haven't seen the tower yet (cool that it's happening soon!) but based on the aesthetic of the show and the way the tower looks, it's hard to believe it's not more weathered looking on the show.

  13. Copperkid

    Copperkid Vortex Explorer

    I got mine todayi was hoping on finding two so I could open one up. I think it looks cool and the package looks nice to display. find mine at walmart btw
  14. User897

    User897 Junior Member

    Wow. I can't believe there are no in-hand pictures or video reviews yet. I'm still willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. In this time of practically NO playsets from any other line, it is something to look forward to.

    Here's a Toy Fair video that shows a demonstration of the Tower of Omens. Well, a little bit anyway. It's shaky and not very in-depth.

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  15. Hyper Jaguar

    Hyper Jaguar Junior Member

    Looks nice. I like how the Tower of Omens has the Cats Lair-like vehicle with it.
  16. jonwes

    jonwes Active Member


    At the 9:31 mark is a really good run-through of the Cat's Lair. It's pretty basic and it's from Toy Fair. I've been intrigued by the rep's remark that the pait at Toy Fair wasn't final, so I'm looking forward to seeing what it's like on the final toy. I will say though after seeing the video I'm more heartened by the detail on the Lair. There seems to be some nice sculpted detail. If the paint isn't there on the final toy, I'm thinking some customization might do a lot for it. Hmm....
  17. Shimey013

    Shimey013 Junior Member

    Now that people have seen it.. Someone needs to post a really good review of it..hehe..i'm going to get it but i will probably leave mine in the box..since Overall the box art as been solid and well right now i dont have an area big enough to display it..
  18. Lilith

    Lilith Active Member

    My thoughts on it. I like playsets so I'm not terribly objective. Yes, it's obviously a far cry from the LJN Cat's Lair because it's only a tower and a gate and not their main base.

    The front panel on the Tower snaps off and can clip on the side to be used as an emergency slide when the Tower is fully open. The light on the top of the tower is activated by moving the elevator platform to the top. (The elevator is behind the removable pannel.) This causes the top dome to spring open and also the "Thundercats Ho!" sound. It's cool and works every time. The light is powered by three button cell type batteries and does not project the Thundercat symbol. It only lights up and no where on the box does it mention that it is supposed to project.

    The main cats head gate is well sculpted. I really like the look of it. The doors spring open when you put a figure by its nose. The set comes with a small working catapult and a mini three wheel vehicle that looks like the classic Cat's Lair. The cat head of the vehicle springs into place when you sit a figure in it. It's actually pretty cool.

    The "invisible" Tygra included is also pretty neat. It's nicely sculpted and does have the magnet in the back. I'm not sure, because I don't have it yet, but I think it might be the same sculpt as the Thunder racer Tygra just molded in clear plastic. It's not as super articulated as the regular four inch Tygra. It doesn't have ball shoulders, elbow or ankle joints.

    The bad points are the little pillars that attach to the tower slide on a bit loosely and don't firmly snap into place. They can fall off moving the set around.

    I like it and kids should have fun with it too. Other adult collectors may be disappointed it. It's not a bad deal for $39.99 and you do get a nice amount of accessories with it. I think it's cool there even is a playset in the line. Hopefully it will sell will enough that they will also make a Cat's Lair and Mumm-Ra's Tomb too.
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  19. Shimey013

    Shimey013 Junior Member

    This actually bums me out...They kept saying it would project..and it doesnt?? Well thats LAME!

    Overall though sounds like a fun piece...I plan to pick it up anyway.. Thanks for the review.

    I really hope my mom still have my LJN Cat's lair.. that was such a great playset. I probably overplayed with mine. It's a hard piece to compete with... We can only hope for better playsets...
  20. Cheetarafan

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    Yes the built it in the second season.
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