Has Bandai discontinued Thundercats Toys?

Discussion in 'Mezco and Bandai Toys' started by Romanticide, May 26, 2012.

  1. Rizefall

    Rizefall Swedish Meatball

    Still weird it's even considered to cancell it. What other shows does Cartoon Network have ethat is anything simliar then this and would rival it? The show has great characters, good animation, great soundtrack, great world, and a great storyline.

    My little cousin´s sons and daughters have watched this at my house in English and when the show started airing in Swedish they RECORDED THE SHOW THEMSLEVES CAUSE THEY LIKED IT SO MUCH. The show is so unique in all it does so these kids talk about and play Thundercats MORE then anything else. Even some of their friends and themsleves sometimes comes and knock on my door and asks:

    "Hi Mum's cousin Robin, is it okey if we come in and watch some THUNDERCATS.. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

    (crying a little.. wait :p)

    But that's not the best part, the best part is when they KNOW the english dates for a new episode and then they dont ask if they come in to my house they are like:


    The ages of the group range all the way from 4-12. Most of them know Ben-10 and other shows but have not caught them as much. The older ones loves the new Avatar but is watching that at home. Maybe i'm the Swedish Thundercats guru :p

    Also it's so magical to see that sort of joy in their eyes as others probably saw in me when i did watch the old Thundercats as a kid. If i had a better job, i would give them all my money, live on a street and die happy and hopefully see them have that magical smile once again.
  2. hammy0924

    hammy0924 Ultimate No-Life

    Man, that is deep! I agree for them to to even consider to cancel it is just downright criminal. I know so many people who love this show so much, and it's sad that such a good show can be ruined by such awful people at CN.
  3. Rizefall

    Rizefall Swedish Meatball

    Sorry, i got a little carried away but it's all truth.

    When and where can i order the show on DVD? I don't care if the shipping to my country is more then the product itself. This show is going to proudly stand right next to the DVD set of the original show.

    I also watched this for the first time for a long time. Still gives me the chills.

  4. hammy0924

    hammy0924 Ultimate No-Life

    I don't know where you could get it ordered, sorry. I loved the trailer and the show has never once let me down. We have all put too much time and effort in for the show to be offed by CN now.

    By the way, my DVDs of the NS are right by my set of the OS DVDs. I watch them at least twice a week just for fun.
  5. Rizefall

    Rizefall Swedish Meatball

    Then i guess you got yours of a store? Damn..!

    Man if i just knew somebody trustworthy in the US i would just ask them to buy and send it to me, then i could just transfer money over..
    Merged Post:
    It's just like he's giving up. How can a true fan do like that person now is about to do?

    And all this about "inside sources" and other "blabla alsdya29e8y"... Jesus..

    Seems like everybody has some inside source which knows everything about this. Can't someone just state for real what's going on? I know what Dan Norton said but people still say it's canceled, they really need someone to step up and say the truth what ever it may be. How about..? :

    "The truth is we dont know what's going to happen, as it looks now it might get canned, but with the new DVDs coming out, re-runs, thundercon etc, we might decide to give the show a second and probablly final season".

    I mean if we KNEW what the actual problem was, "everything would be fine". We are still GUESSING (and we are probably right about most of it), which is so annoying.
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  6. AlexofThundera

    AlexofThundera Plun-Darr Legend

    Remember, nor Dan nor anyone else officially working the show and under WB can state anything about the future of the show until WB allows them to. DN could do a hundred interviews today and if the show was cancelled 3 weeks ago, he still couldn't tell you until WB said it was OK. That is business.

    I was reading through that guys Deviant journal. He seems pretty serious and assuring about his sources at WB but I would still take it with a grain of salt.

    Even a blind person could see the show is in major trouble and the toy line is currently mimicking the dodo bird (non existent). Hopefully we will finally get some solid information after the next episode airs as to what exactly is going to happen as I am tired of all this "speculation" tearing us the fans into two camps.
  7. hammy0924

    hammy0924 Ultimate No-Life

    I am too. Everyone is. All we can do now is be hopeful and patient. And no, "hopeful" doesn't mean "unrealistically positive".
  8. Michael

    Michael Mutant

    Now THIS I agree with!
  9. hammy0924

    hammy0924 Ultimate No-Life

    Like I said, stay hopeful.
  10. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    That's the spirit Rizefall, exactly, my 13 years old brother loves watching the NS, and even though he still doesn't understand the language 100%, he is very excited with the whole cartoon, just like i was 18 years ago as a kid.

    I did an experiment once, 3 friends had come over to the house to play with my brother. Purposely i put Thundercats on my laptop(with the volume high up) where they were playing, instasntly their attention was diverted and circled around me awe-stricken with the NS. They sat down and watched 5 eps in a row wanting for more...The kids asked me if the toys they saw of the NS up on my shelf were available to buy them at the local stores.
    I was mad i couldn't provide them with an answer.
  11. hammy0924

    hammy0924 Ultimate No-Life

    Everyone I have shown this show (and My Little Pony) to have loved it.
  12. whiskers D:<

    whiskers D:< Barbarian

    I love My little Pony Friendship is Magic! I have season 1 and 2 on my iPod.
  13. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    I got my 13 year old nephew into the NS and the OS. He loves it. He says he doesn't watch cartoons anymore because he's "too old for that stuff" but ThunderCats is ok because it's action. lol

    I doubt he'd get any of the toys though, because he'd think he's too old for them.
  14. Tygra

    Tygra Thunderian Legend

    It's sad how youth today just completely skips cartoons/toys and gravitates towards video games at such a young age.

    I'd be really interested in seeing what percentage of toy sales are children and how much can be attributed to adult collectors.
  15. mistatrunks

    mistatrunks New Member

    Not sure if anyone saw this - but looks promising:

    press release
    June 12, 2012, 11:00 a.m. EDT


  16. monothingie

    monothingie Crabman

    Not going to link to it, but someone on the other TC Message board just posted a press release from Warner Brothers Consumer Products. Interesting reading.
  17. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend


    "Additionally, ThunderCats, based on the iconic 1980's original, continues to be supported by global toy partner Bandai America Incorporated and numerous licensees as multiple generations of loyal fans enjoy the action-packed toy line and collectors' appeal of the various product lines, including Rubie's inspired collection of costumes, among others."

    It's not much, but the fact that it's even mentioned in their press release means good news IMO.
  18. T-Cat

    T-Cat Mutant

    Good news to hear! Maybe now WB will really give this franchise a chance now!
    I can certainly vouch for Mezco Toys being a BIG part of this...those figures sell like hot cakes!
  19. Rizefall

    Rizefall Swedish Meatball

    Looks and sounds good.
  20. Tygra

    Tygra Thunderian Legend

    Hmm, so now we just have to figure out what is wrong with Bandai and how a company can be so incompetent... Any theories? :D

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