Has Bandai discontinued Thundercats Toys?

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  1. Rizefall

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    RIP Thundercats (For now).

    This show still gave me lots of fun stuff to watch. Inspired my writing a little bit with the mix of Sci-fi and fantasy and also got me into contact with Larry Kenney and some of the old writers. Best show for a long time!
  2. Thunderfan

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    I agree with Pixel Dan - if they felt the need to pack a figure with the Armor of Omens it should have been Leo instead of an all gold Lion-O, regardless of whether "goldish" Lion-O had something to do with future developments in the series or not.

    Personally, my interest in the new line has been in the new characters - Tygus was the only "must have" figure for me - if it is decided to call the series a wrap, release a final wave of figures including a 4" Leo, and I'll be content.

    MXTHUNDERCAT Laser Beast


    for now ive made my peace with death of the show....realistically it was a failure from any aspect you view it

    My only hope is that sometime within the next 5 years or so someone picks up the classics toy line and does it justice....as much as the MOTU line....which has been amazing!
  4. Dr_SLUMP

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    I don't think that any company loves (or milks, depends on your point of view) their franchise as much as Mattel or Hasbro.

    ThunderCats will never get a similar treatment unless they become a property of the afore. Even if they do, there are not as many characters to release and the target group is smaller in the US.

    MXTHUNDERCAT Laser Beast


    mattel sure has milked (in a good way) their MOTU line....which i think has been fabulous

    as far as the number of characters i dont know the exact number vs MOTU..but thundercats has plenty of characters.....lunatacs, berserkers.....etc.....berbils.....to those even smaller characters like dr dometome...and wolos, bolkins....i would buy them all!!
  6. Therein lies the difference: Mattel has always owned Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power, and Hasbro has always owned Transformers and G.I. Joe, but Warner Bros. only owns ThunderCats through a series of acquisitions of other companies; Warner Bros. does not care as much about their property as evident by the quality of ThunderCats product it has been turning out for the last several years, starting with the lackluster DVD sets.
  7. Mark M

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    There would be plenty of characters for a Thundercats classic line as long as they stick to making all the original toys and some cartoon characters.
    The difference with MOTUC is Mattel/4H have milked it beyond its prime. Over a full years worth of characters were not needed, from 200x characters, NA, POP. At the end of the day the line was called MOTU Classics and to me that should just be MOTU 1982-86, the original toy line and some characters from the TV show. But instead Mattel has done multiple figures that were only scribbles, rough drawings and prototypes. Characters like Fearless Photog, Sir Lazerlot, Draegoman, Demo Man, Vikor, Mighty Spector etc etc had no business being made.
    The line started in late '08 and its only in '13 that Ram-Man is getting made and they still haven't made Two-Bad.
    Not that I care I don't collect MOTU anymore, I bought a few at the start then sold them as I was feed up with being over charged for products with so many QC issues.
    But I always loved Thundercats more than MOTU, so if Mattel got the rights, I would put up with it just to get some great TC Classics. Although I still think Playmates would do a better job. MOTUC are not of the same standard as the TMNT Classics. :D
  8. Then you were not paying attention; when Classics was announced, it was stated that it would include Masters of the Universe (1982), Princess of Power, New Adventures of He-Man, Masters of the Universe (2002), as well as concept and original characters. It was further stated that Classics would not included FILMation characters unless or until a licensing agreement could be reached with the licensor of the animated series. So I am not certain where you get this notion that it was only going to include vintage Masters of the Universe and FILMation characters.
  9. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Perhaps you should learn to read more carefully before quoting someone.
    I said '...to me that should just be MOTU 1982-86....' I was under no notion, I stated my opinion that I thought including those spin off show characters and the concept/ prototype characters was a waste of time. I was fully aware what they said when they started the line as it was a line I was looking forward to collecting, but the stupid way in which Mattel handled the line made me quit collecting the line after rather quickly.
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  10. Endorx

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    TBH im not surprised it failed...

    For something so popular, Cartoon Network failed so bad at trying to advertise it... They have done absolutely ****** all for it...

    The UK has been forever in the dark about it.

    Shame.... If it was advertised right, it might just of done well...
  11. Perhaps you should take your own advice because I did not quote you anywhere.

    I simply responded to your statement that Classics "should just be MOTU 1982–1986 . . . and some characters from the TV show."

    Nothing about the name Classics implies only vintage and animated series characters, so why should it be limited to those characters—because of your personal tastes?

    Especially considering that when Classics was announced it was specifically stated that it was to include more than vintage Masters of the Universe characters and provisionally not going to include FILMation characters. Again, why should it be something other than what it was stated it was going to be—because of your personal tastes?

    By your own admission, you knew what the line was to include before you started collecting, yet you still complain about what it includes. That is what I am addressing.
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  12. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    You quoted my comment, it is at the top of your comment. That is a quote.
    I am making that statement now as to what MOTUC should have been because as I said, which you do not seem to have picked up on, is if they had not wasted time with so many unknown characters they could have made all the more iconic figures the fans really wanted as opposed the rubbish they have released.
  13. Are you new to the message board discussion format? Do you know the difference between using the quote function to directly respond to a post, and directly quoting a poster in a reply?

    Moreover, Mattel is "wasting time" and releasing "rubbish" in whose estimation? It would seem that Mattel is making figures of the characters that fans really want considering the continued longevity of the line.
  14. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Whatever man, I don't care, I am not getting into an argument with you.
    Although in answer to your question, and I shall say again to please read this carefully, 'it is MY opinion', and quite a few others that have had to deal with Mattel's quality control issues who class a lot of their products as 'rubbish'. As for the longevity of the line, when you consider the small numbers they make and the fact that its is marketed to small fan base and not at mass retail, it is easy to see why it has lasted as long as it has.
    Anyway I am on here to talk about Thundercats, not discuss Mattel and MOTU. What the **** do I care about MOTU?
  15. The product is rubbish and the line is a failure, that is why there is a thread on this site and others with people clamoring for Mattel to obtain the license to ThunderCats and produce a line of action figures using the same model as Masters of the Universe Classics.

    Further, you do not care about Masters of the Universe, and you are here to discuss ThunderCats, not Mattel or Masters of the Universe, yet it is you who brought Mattel and Masters of the Universe up in the first place.
  16. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    You seriously need to learn to read more carefully.
    I said certain figures and items they have released have been rubbish, I never said the entire line was rubbish.
    People want Mattel to get the licence for 2 reasons:
    1. they know how to market a product to a small fan base, and Thundercats has a smaller fan base than MOTU.
    2. They couldn't do a worse job than Bandai did.
    If you go back and read carefully you will see MXTHUNDERCAT brought up MOTU before me.
  17. AlexofThundera

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    Correction: People want Mattel to get the license for 1 reason and 1 reason only; because Mattel, despite all the quality control issues, are at least producing figures for MOTU fans. That's something Thundercats fans can't say.

    Its a shame because there are a ton of characters from the OS which would make fantastic figures such as: Mandora, Quick-Pick, Plutar, Willa, and many more.

    Who knows, maybe someday it will happen but I fear it will take quite some time for the Thundercats franchise to shake off the ill effects of the crap that was the NS and its toy line.
  18. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I would welcome anyone to make Classics Thundercats figures.
    But my point is Mattel know the small market they are aiming their product at, that is a big reason why people want them to get the licence.
    It is because of that they are producing MOTUC figures because it is basically risk free for them selling a small quantity online as opposed to having a full toy line available at mass retail.

    MXTHUNDERCAT Laser Beast


    So does anyone know anybody in Mattel that would be able to say if they've even considered thundercats.....do they even know "us" thundercats fans are dying for a classics toy line???
  20. AlexofThundera

    AlexofThundera Plun-Darr Legend

    Oh I agree. I mean obviously if the MOTU classics line as has lasted this long they are doing something right. Though I do remember seeing recently that the MOTU classics line was in trouble because they didn't have enough subscribers for 2013 or something to cover costs, but they got the subscribers needed and got past that hurdle.

    For all the flack Mattel gets from subscribers with that MOTU line, I admit I am jealous. I wish we had that for Thundercats. So many cool characters from the OS that never made it into the LJN line that deserve an action figure.

    Merged Post:
    The word is Mattel has shown interest in the past. Supposedly the sword for the MOTU classics figure "Chief Carnivus" is a nod to the Sword of Omens, but I don't know.

    I think Bandai has the toy rights to Thundercats until 2014 or something so even if Mattel or someone else wanted to make a classics line, they would have to wait to acquire the license.
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