Has Bandai discontinued Thundercats Toys?

Discussion in 'Mezco and Bandai Toys' started by Romanticide, May 26, 2012.

  1. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I know back in '10 that WB did offer the rights to both Mattel and Hasbro but both were not interested.

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    so pardon my ignorance.....but how difficult/unlikely would it be for Mattel do buy/Bandai sell the Thundercats license for action figures?
  3. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I honestly do not know. It was a very strange move from the start that Bandai got the licence considering all their other 'BIG' properties all went to go to Mattel to be made into toys. It seemed the logical choice that it would go to Mattel.

    Instead of all these petitions for WB to bring the show back we should petition them to get the licence off Bandai and give it to Mattel (or Playmates) and allow them to produce Classics figures.

    MXTHUNDERCAT Laser Beast

    you are so right Mark M...i think for now the cartoon is a lost cause and signed petitions are not gonna do much....theres no money to be made there...but i do think there is money to be made on a classic toy line....
  5. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Mattel are catering to a minority, but the fact is Thundercats and MOTU are very similar and nearly 8/10 fans like both shows any way so the market is already there to buy a Classics Thundercats line. If it was in scale with MOTUC a lot of people would be buying both, if we were getting MOTUC scale Thundercats I admit I would more than likely start buying and collecting some MOTUC figures again.
  6. You seriously need to learn to understand hyperbole.

    Yet for someone who does not care about Masters of the Universe and is not interested in discussing Mattel or Masters of the Universe, you still felt the need to comment on it.

    Hasbro did not express interest in the ThunderCats license. Mattel did, but Warner Bros. passed in favor of Bandai.
  7. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Wow, my earlier comment really rattled your cage didn't it.
    Sadly with a similar fan base MOTU always comes up when discussing Thundercats. Also having been a fan and collector of MOTU years ago I have plenty knowledge to speak of it in a discussions.
  8. AlexofThundera

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    I wonder how much of that had to do with the new series and its toy line?

    I'd imagine Mattel would be much more interested in producing figures based off the OS then the NS, and perhaps WB didn't want that. They obviously wanted to make the NS toy line the priority and I guess Bandai was like "yeah, we'll do whatever you want."

    That NS and toy line was just such a cluster fk for the franchise. Sorry guys I am venting but it just pains me that because of it, us hardcore fans of the OS will probably never get a proper classics release like so many other franchises seem to get.
  9. To the contrary, me not allowing you to change the subject to distract from your inability to support your claims must be rattling yours.

    Too bad all of the supposed "knowledge" you have presented on the subject thus far has been entirely inaccurate.

    It probably has little to do with it. In all likelihood, Bandai was willing to accept a smaller profit margin so Warner Bros. awarded them the license.
  10. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Well Mattel do not have a good history of producing toys for new TV shows and movies. After all the failures they have had over the last several years it's no wonder they didn't want to risk producing toys for the NS. it would have been too big of a risk for them putting millions of $ of toys in stores at mass retail compared to selling a small unit of figures monthly to a far smaller fan base.
    Merged Post:
    Stating my opinion is not being inaccurate, I stated issues I had about MOTUC and where I think they messed up. Obviously my views differ from yours.
    What claims can I not support? That they struggle to sell unknown characters? I can support that with the videos they released begging for subscriptions or the line will end and multiple figures still being available for sale long after the day of sale shows how popular the line has become with buyers compared to when it started.
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  11. By all means, list the obscure characters that Mattel is struggling to sell on MattyCollector. At this moment, the only figures in-stock are the faction leaders that they keep on hand.

    Furthermore, a sell-out is a sell-out, whether it is the day of sale or not.

    Moreover, Classics is a subscription-driven, not day-of-sale-driven collector line. Of course, Mattel and Classics collectors are going to push subscriptions.

    These are the sort of mischaracterizations I am talking about.
  12. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    This is why I am really questioning your reading skills.
    I never said they were on sale currently, I said various figures have taken days longer to sell out.
    Interestingly enough Mattel do not view a sell out of a product as being successful, for example the Windraider sold out, yet they said they were not pleased with its sales performance.
    Being subscription driven doesn't alter the fact they had to make a big push for subscriptions because the line was struggling.
  13. Masters of the Universe Classics has been going for five years with no presence at retail, no advertisements, and no supporting media. If it was struggling, then it would not have been expanded each year from one figure a month to include quarterly bonus figures, beasts, weapons packs, multi-figure packs, vehicles, two sub-lines, and now playsets. Expressing disappointment in non-same-day sell-outs and pushing subscriptions is a sales ploy.
  14. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    As I said Mattel know their market, that's why it has survived so long. Selling a small amount of units online and selling millions worldwide is vastly different.
    Slight correction, technically MOTUC did appear at retail in the Vs. DC 2 packs (which had a very limited release) and has a had a comic going for a while now.
    Expanding MOTUC isn't hard though, the majority of the line is just swapping various parts and re-colours and re-issues. The same can be said for their DCUC and WWE toy lines. Granted they are staying true to the vintage MOTU style as it used the same method, but as I said earlier, if Mattel was making Thundercats Classics it would be much more difficult for them to use this method as the LJN Thundercats all had very different body sculpts.
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  15. mcss aerocoupe

    mcss aerocoupe Moderator

    If you want to debate the success and/or flaws of the MOTUC line, take it to the general discussion area. This section is supposed to be about the 2011 ThunderCats line
  16. Jack frost

    Jack frost Junior Member

    hey there greek guys!...don't know if it is old news..since i haven't been here for a while but i saw in a supermarket in athens some figures of the new series...i think 3 1/5 inches, lion-o, tygra, mumm-ra, panthro and the chibi set with all the above plus slithe and cheetara...
  17. Dr_SLUMP

    Dr_SLUMP Berserker

    Yep, Athens is full of ThunderCats at the moment!

    Got my "superdeformed" set as well as a "rare" Slithe!
  18. rusty

    rusty New Member

    (First post!)

    I'll be honest, there doesn't seem to have been a big push with Thundercats across Europe. I can't find any of the figures here in Germany, and even when I went back home to Scotland in July, I had tog o to Forbidden Planet to find them.

    So even if Bandai has discontinued the line or not, I'm not sure anybody is going to notice.
  19. Dr_SLUMP

    Dr_SLUMP Berserker

    All toys are gone from the Greek market as well. They disappeared during summer. I guess it's all over worldwide.
  20. WaffenKatzen

    WaffenKatzen New Member

    The good thing is that the toys are very cheap at the discount stores. I have four Thundertanks and a small army of Thundercats.

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