Hear the Roar! ThunderCats book released today

Discussion in 'ThunderCats (1985)' started by Bernie'sPiano, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Mexxecutioner

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    Add my voice to it!
    Perhaps someone could make some photos of one or two or maybe several sites.
    No HQ photos! Just to see how the book is like!

    And if someone has a video camera.... yeah you know what I mean! :liono
  2. daroga

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    Got my copy today in the US, just a little over a week after I ordered from Amazon UK. Not bad at all!

    It looks great! I hope to have time to dig into it this week!
  3. Bernie'sPiano

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    HEAR THE ROAR! Available *NOW* on Amazon

    Hi everyone –*GREAT NEWS! Hear the Roar! The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to the Hit 1980s series ThunderCats is now back in stock at Amazon UK. The book sold out twice in less than a week last time, so buy now to avoid disappointment!

    Remember, US and Worldwide customers can import the book for only a few dollars! I'm also getting reports that people are getting their copies in the US in under a week! So, there's no excuse for not picking up your copy :) It's 500 pages of never-before-seen information about our favourite show. As told by the people who made it!

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  4. marcandmag

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    Book Depository Order

    Thanks for the heads up on this site - just placed an order! Free shipping to the US seems too good to be true, fingers crossed that it gets here OK...
  5. BoloWhip

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    Just ordered mine on Amazon UK now - hope it's as good as u guys say :)

    P.S 12 left and more on the way apparantly.
  6. blackiecats

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    So far I've only read the toys section, but so far great stuff! I need a bit more spare time to read the book in full. From a quick browse it looks a comprehensive read and also includes some fantastic photos too! Definately worth picking up for sure! :thumbsup:
  7. Nine Tiger

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    Got my copy today. An epic work. Really enjoying all the stuff about Ted Wolf, and the New York days. Hard to believe I lived on Governor's Island at the time this was all taking shape. Who knew?

    I glanced at the fan community section. As an addendum to the fan history I would say, before web pages, AOL had a toon board, and early Thundercat fiction showed up there. So fan fiction on message boards and ftp sites predates the web proper. I should know I posted there in the forums and through ftp in 1994. Like Cheezey, my first official web page also hit the streets in Feb 1995 :)

  8. Knave_Iespyk

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    Really enjoying this read, am currently half way through it. Reading all the little backstories and such is really cool.
  9. Nine Tiger

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    It is a marvelous book. I am recommending it on Library Thing, Twitter and my own domain :)

  10. ThunDerianRoyalGuard

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    Just ordered a copy, am very excited, cant wait to have it.. let you know my expert opinion :)
  11. Bernie'sPiano

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    Hi everyone, in response to a few calls for more information about my book, ThunderCatsLair.org have kindly updated their homepage to feature photos and chapter information which will hopefully convince those last few of you who haven't yet purchased a copy, to buy Hear the Roar! Enjoy:


    Many thanks
  12. Thad Boyd

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    Hey Dave, I got the book and am thoroughly enjoying it. (Currently about 115 pages in, working my way through the writer profiles -- the one with Perry is certainly bittersweet.)

    I've been making a few updates to IMDb as I've read through it (correcting airdates -- I know yours are educated guesses, but they're way better than IMDb's previous "the whole second season aired in 1986" nonsense --, noting that Julian Gardner and Jules Bass are the same person, as are Karen Seigel and Karen Malach, that sort of thing) and wanted to pick your brain on some further revisions. Not sure this thread's the best place for it; I could start a new one or shoot you some PM's if you'd like.

    Anyhow, the book's highly recommended for fans -- hell, I'd go so far as to say it's must-read for anyone who reads this board. It makes for an interesting peek behind the curtain, and the depth and breadth of Dave's interviews with the people who were there makes it the definitive book on the subject of Thundercats.

    I got it from Book Depository, where it's currently selling for US $25.32 with free international shipping.
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  14. Vegito

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    awesome...simply awesome....
  15. motakay

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    I came to think of your book today and googled it and saw that it has been released for a while now. I will surley order myself a copy soon! Great work Dave! :thumbsup:

    /Martin Barreby
  16. DarkZomB

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    I totally Got My Copy for X-mas!! :) WEEEE!:panthrohappy:
  17. lostdwarf

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    Just saw this thread and i'm curious about it. What exactly is the book about? I'm about to order it but want to know more.

  18. Lady Ocelli

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    Bernie'sPiano I love how the some of the chapters are tied in with episodes of the series.
  19. Bernie'sPiano

    Bernie'sPiano Berbill

    Hi LostDwarf, it's the first, and only, guide book to the Classic ThunderCats series and is a quarter of a million of words explaining the entire history of the show and toyline, told by the people who made it.

    Please visit my blog here:


    which should explain everything you can expect. I hope you choose to buy :)

    Many thanks
  20. I have almost finished reading the book and from what I gather, Arthur Rankin spent most of his time overseas and had almost nothing to do with the day-to-day operations of the series; Jules Bass appropriated everything from the concept, the series bible, and even the episodes he "authored" from others and simply put his name on them; and Peter Lawrence exploited his relationships and the lack of oversight in the office to leverage a position he was wholly unqualified for. He is often quoted as having no interest in the qualifications of any writer—having none himself—only in their ability to come up with story ideas—that he could later use in his own scripts. He seemed to favor writers with little or no experience whose scripts he could rewrite and put his name on to experienced writers with extensive animation credentials. Several truly talented creators such as Leonard Starr and Stephen Perry were treated really underhandedly by Rankin/Bass and the entire thing is disgusting.

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