Help finding "Academic" works about the history of Thundercats, 80's Toys and Cartoons

Discussion in 'ThunderCats (1985)' started by TeaCat81, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. TeaCat81

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    Hello folks,

    University student here writing a paper for undergrad and I get the luxury of writing about human/animal hybrids in popular culture representations. :)

    ThunderCats naturally came to mind. I am wondering if any one knows any good books or sources about 80's Toys and Cartoons like thunder cats. It am looking for things that explore all the aspects from the Business end to the creative end. Youtube channels like "Toy Galaxy" are great. Does anyone know what type of sources they use to get all of this history?

  2. Wilycub

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    I would highly recommend "Hear the Roar! the Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to the Hit 1980s Series Thundercats" by David Crichton

    It has pretty much anything and everything about ThunderCats.
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  3. Mark M

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    Like @Wilycub said Hear The Roar is the definitive Thundercats book.
    I'm not sure if Teeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would qualify as animal/human hybrids but if so Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Ultimate Visual Hstory is a great book with lots of information on their creation.
  4. Cheetoro

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    TMNT would definitely qualify, especially since in some fiction mutants are directly the result of human/animal physical contact.

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