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    Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself, I'm in the UK and I only just found this site so I'm not sure how active it is or where most people are based.
    I've been a fan of Thundercats since I was a child and have a modest collection of toys and videos that I've kept from my childhood or acquired since then.

    I'll be honest my main reason for registering is to get help with repairing a cats lair I bought off of ebay years ago, it arrived damaged and I chose to keep it rather than let it get destroyed and get my money back. Its been sat in my loft in the box it came in since then and I stupidly forgot to take the batteries out before putting it away so they leaked and now the electronics don't work anymore either. Sigh.

    Anyway I'm looking to sell it eventually but was hoping to repair it first so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    I can post pictures if anyone is interested.

    Have a great day everyone. :)
  2. adssse

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    Welcome to the forums!

    I myself am located in the US and like many others have also been a fan since childhood. I doubt I would be any help with painting the Lair but offer you best wishes!

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