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    Joshua Frost

    Twenty-two year old Joshua lives on a human adopted planet called "Gron" (based on the swedish word for the color green, "grön"),

    where he was found as an infant by his current human parents. Joshua has three human siblings, Aaron: who is the same age as Joshua, Thomas: Joshua's and Aaron's four years younger brother and Dinah who's eight years younger than her oldest brothers.

    The planet Gron consists of one great land-mass called "Asgard" (that's where Joshua lives) and six hazardous islands (Ragnarok, Fenris, Thor, Odin, Ymer and Mimer) all of them having names sprung from nordic mythology: Facts:

    Ragnarok, the Apocalypse of nordic mythology. Fenris, a giant monster wolf, also the son of Loke. Thor, the god of thunder. Odin, the god of wisdom and also the lord of asa-gods. He had two raven messengers: Hugin and Munin. Ymer, a giant who got slain by Thor. Mimer, a well in which Odin offered one of his eyes to gain wisdom.


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